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The New York Fashion Industry Report
The New York Fashion Industry Report for Members Only::

Our subscriber only report is a twice monthly newsletter (see past see sample July 17th edition) covering New York fashion news, issues, and events with links to relevant information and resources on the web. It is written by our editor-in-chief Marilyn Kirschner.

This report is a greatly expanded version of the free New York Fashion Industry Video Report we provide for non-members. All of the top editors receive this newsletter and it is one of the few independent forums left covering NY fashion that does not devote itself to gossiping on the personal lives and public behavior of fashion's elite.

Nor do we practice the "art" of re-purposing other media sources content by re-wording or re-writing it and then passing it off to our readers as our own. We give our subscribers real information they can use with our own original commentary on important industry news, and our own first hand reports on what is going on in the industry.
 Reason 2: Independent & professionally written market reports:
Screenshot of page from market report Professional New York RTW Market Reports:

Why pay for market reports when so many of them are offered for free on other sites? Because anyone who attends a show can express an opinion on what they saw, but the mere fact that they attended the show does not make them expert, nor what they report necessarily creditable. It is experience that qualifies someone as an "expert" and the esteem others in the industry hold for that person's opinion that gives their reports value.

Our editor Marilyn Kirschner, who writes all our market reports, was for 20 years a senior Market Editor of Harper's Bazaar. This September Marilyn was featured on a 4 minute segment of Metro Channel's 'Full Frontal Fashion' TV show.

And speaking of peer esteem, she was also featured in an editorial written and photographed by the legendary Bill Cunningham for a New York Times 'Sunday Styles' Section where he praised and celebrated Marilyn for her great sense of style (one of the very few times Bill has ever devoted an entire column to just one person - the last 2 persons being Vogue Editors Anna Wintour and Carinne Roitfeld).

Our market reports features original runway and showroom photos from all the major New York fashion shows photographed for us by Randy Brooke. Randy is one of the best and most experienced runway photographers is world (see our feature article on him). He has photographed the Paris, Milan and New York shows for many years and he was, for several years, the official 7thonSixth show photographer. You don't get any better than Randy.
 Reason 3: The bi-weekly schedule of upcoming 'A-List' NY fashion shows, parties & events:

screenshot of NY Fashion Events Schedule
New York Fashion Events Schedule:

Our schedule is the "A" list of the most important shows, parties, store openings, and charity events going on in New York City for the upcoming two week period. This schedule includes only the most important events going on during each period.

Without this schedule you are simply "out of the loop" when it comes to knowing what is happening in New York fashion. Each of our listings includes info on who is sponsoring the event, who is handling the event for the press, and we include their phone/fax number and/or e-mail address so you can request an invitation or ask to be included on the press list.
 Reason 4: Know Who's Who in NY fashion public relations:
Screen shot of opening page of Who's Who in NY Fashion PR The Complete Guide to New York's Fashion Public Relations Firms:

This is the famous "Who's Who" list of 60 fashion public relations firms in New York. The directory includes bios on who runs them, areas of expertise, phone, fax & e-mail addresses, and who their current or recent past fashion accounts are or were.

The directory is a great "insider" resource into one of the most important areas of fashion. These firms are the "gatekeepers" of the fashion industry. And this directory is especially useful if you are looking for work in New York fashion public relations or trying to get that all important first job in the industry. Quite a number of our subscribers have credited this directory in helping them find their first jobs in New York fashion.

'Who's Who in New York Fashion PR' is a unique directory - found nowhere else - that is continually being updated. It is well worth the subscription price to our service alone!
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