The Spring/Summer 2010 Collections:
‘Basic’ Instinct

Above: Celine Spring 2010 Collection

- by Marilyn Kirschner

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You think it’s easy sifting through hundreds and hundreds of images taken during the course of the month long spring 2010 ready to wear collections, in an attempt to identify the ‘best and the brightest?’ Especially since runways were oft times replete with transparent, sheer pieces that looked exactly like they came from the lingerie department; an inordinate number of childish or pre pubescent appropriate- only offerings; thigh grazing skirts; short shorts, barely there briefs; clothing with frays and holes (on purpose); and jackets decorated with shoulder pads (okay, well, on runway anyway).

And even though the runways were admittedly filled with enduringly chic trench coats, military inspired outerwear, strictly tailored pantsuits, minimally chic and utilitarian pieces, stellar sportswear (active sports, spectator sports, etc.), beautifully crafted leathers, sophisticated takes on denim, chic dresses for day and evening, and standout jumpsuits (they actually looked better, seemed more wearable, and were more convincing than last season) after awhile, many of them began to look alike. Add to the equation, the difficulty inherent in viewing many of the collections online (I only attended New York Fashion Week). But hey…who said life is easy?

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a paring down and cleaning up. For a number of reasons, a certain spare minimalism has never looked better (but not TOO spare- how dull would that be?). And while I don’t want a steady diet of just one thing (variety is the spice of life) more and more, I find myself attracted to what one could be described as classic basics. Not banal, or boringly basic of course; but basic in the sense that they are predicated on unapologetically basic, classic, simple shapes. “Classic with a twist”, may be an overused phrase, but it sums it up best. (My favorite destination for reasonably priced and ultra chic ‘basics’ is Uniqlo,, 546 Broadway, 917 237 8811, especially since they just launched +J, the new Jil Sander collection. And by the way, according to an article in the Business Section of The New York Times, Saturday, October 10th, because of the economic situation, Japanese women, who had always been the most exuberant customers of luxury brands, are now turning to low priced chains, Uniqlo and H&M, for their fashion fixes).