Here Come The June Brides

The June bridal season is upon us. So what will stylish brides be wearing this season? Nashville based bridal designer, Olia Zavozina, gives brides several design options (neckline, silhouette, fabric, embellishments) to choose from when she is creating the dress for their special day. She comments on her observations of current bridal trends…

In the current collection you have some gorgeous blush pink gowns with rose gold embroidery over exclusive lace designs. Blake Lively had rose gold embroidery on her still secret gown and other stars like Kelly Cuoco, Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel wore pink down the aisle. Obviously pink is big in Hollywood but is this a trend you are seeing non celebrity brides coming to you for? Has any bride asked for a crazy color?

“Yes, Pink – certainly blush pink – has definitely become a very popular color in Bridal wear. Brides come to us all the time looking for a blush gown! So we have done versions of our traditional ivory gowns in blush silks and satins since so many love this soft, feminine color. After all so many Hollywood stars have opted for pink on their wedding day that it’s only natural real women would join the trend. As for crazy colors, well truthfully I’ve done everything from a royal blue wedding gown to a bright red (of course, that is the Chinese color for good luck but for February weddings this was a must!). I hear today some Brides are even considering black for their gown; can’t say that request has come up yet but we certainly do couture so whatever the Bride’s dream is, we can interpret it and make it happen.”

In terms of style, some gowns are reminiscent of those seen in vintage Hollywood movies. How do you make the glamour of Hollywood real for brides that come to you for something unique? Since every bride wants to feel that she has a one of a kind dress.

“When Brides come to me, the first thing we always ask is what the bride considers glamorous. We are here to make a fairy tale come true – does she want sparkles and crystals? Or yards of fabric with tiny pearls? Is her glamour dazzling? Or subtle luxury? When it comes to making the gown unique we always share our most precious ideas and of course, we add a special touch so the bride knows that her gown is truly hers alone.”

What constitutes an Olia Zavozina signature? For example, is it exclusive lace, rose gold embroidery or a blue ribbon sewn into every gown? What are the personal and exclusive touches that set your gowns apart?

“Our signature is the fit!!! It’s all about the construction and how it hugs the body. Most of all of our gowns come with built in bras and corsets. I think you would be hard pressed to find a gown at our price point that was constructed as beautifully as mine are from the inside out. And we are made in the USA!”

Maggie Rose

You’ve dressed celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere and Maggie Rose, but how about the men who are red carpet regulars in Nashville’s Country Music Community?

“Gosh, we have done so many. But just to name a few among the men, The Swon Brothers, Chase Rice, and Rascal Flatts.”

Rascal Flatts

What are some of the new trends you see for men? Are there any details or styling tricks you’ve applied to the men you’ve dressed?

“For men it’s all about the fit too, especially this year. The look I think works best on the red carpet is a modern European fit with a classic twist. I always tell the men I’m dressing not to be afraid to step out of the box and try something new. You can always add a great pop of color to a suit with a funky sock or a bold pocket square. It’s adds wit and style and that equals sex appeal.”

You talk about dressing the “Body Confident Bride.” Can you explain what it means to be “body confident”?

“The Body Confident Bride is just that: confident about her body – tall or short, curvy or petite – she puts on her Olia Zavozina gown and owns the moment. Our gowns intuitively flatter every woman’s shape – after all, I was trained in the European tradition, so how the fabric flows and how the seams are shaped are critical to creating a fit that makes every woman feel like a movie star. Body confidence is an aura, a mindset that every bride should have on her wedding day.”

– Rhonda Erb

Rhonda Erb

Rhonda Erb writes about fashion, travel and lifestyle from a New Yorker’s perspective in Better Bets. A self-confessed Instagram addict, her work has also appeared in such publications as Runway Magazine. Follow her at: Instagram: @betterbets Twitter: @betterbetsny tumblr:

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