FromCosmopolitans to Moscow Mules: The Modern Girl’s Guide toLife Revised

Jane Buckingham wears many hats.  She is an author, a trend
expert and founder of the forecasting firm Trendera, the “Job Genius” on ABC
Family’s Job or No
, a frequent contributor to TV shows like Today and Good Morning America and a mother of two.  Not
surprisingly, Jane has a great deal of lifestyle advice to share and in 2004 she
wrote the essential how to book, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, filled with
“the stuff you need to know but no one thinks to tell you” Fast forward to 2015,
and now in the era when Blockbuster nights have turned into Netflix binges and
Cosmopolitans have been replaced by Moscow Mules, Jane’s lifestyle bible for the
“modern girl” is ready for an update:
What made you decide that it was
time to update your book and what specifically have you added or changed for the
revised edition?
Jane Buckingham: Every time
I learn something new I think “I wish I could put that in Modern Girl!” And
after 10 years there were a LOT of things I wanted to include! I hadn’t covered
anything on Tech! From sexting to taking a good selfie, or even how to deal with
your boss by text. I added a lot about organic foods — what’s worth buying and
what’s not, to recipes for vegans and new easy recipes for fans who were tired
of the old ones. Then Of course I added a lot on new beauty tips, fashion tips,
working online fashion sites and sales, because even though “googling” is habit
now, it’s still important to do research on what’s “good information”. I don’t
think there was a single chapter that didn’t get a pretty big overhaul. The only
thing that I forgot to change was the introduction, explaining WHY and what I
changed! Oops!
Who is the woman that you have
written this book for and how has she evolved since you first published
JB: I would say this is a
book for any woman who just needs a little help from her friends. She’s trying
to live the best life she can and though she may be trying to do it all, she
knows that she can’t do it all perfectly! Though I think the book is really
relevant for women of any age, I think it probably is most helpful for women in
their 20’s and 30’s who are starting their first homes, careers and families.
And I think that this new generation is probably a little more together, a
little more confident, a little more empowered and definitely has better hair
(thanks to all the DryBars out there 😉 But I think that even given all that,
she still wants the tips and tricks that can help make her life a little easier,
and the understanding that not everybody gets it right every time. At the end of
the day we all need a shoulder to lean on!
Jane Buckingham’s new and improved edition of The Modern Girl’s Guide to
is on sale now from HarperCollins Publishers; list price: $25.99
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-Rhonda Erb

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