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Some new updates:

Jet setting around you see the strangest things….Paris Hilton on my flight from Rio …prettier in person …very sweet and friendly. Traveling with her body guard, her cosmetic case and her pillow…yes no case, no suitcase used on her pillow and not even with a designer case either.

Also recently on my Air France flight from Paris Nancy Kissinger…of course in First Class. On one crutch…think the foot injury might be a ruse to get through customs and immigration speedily as when we landed she was whisked past all very quickly.

Saw Henry Kissinger the next day on Park Avenue and he was accompanied by a “carrier”…that is a young man that was schlepping his briefcase and computer case.

Oh to be a star and not have to go through all the hassle of travel….next life maybe

Men’s Trade Shows in New York:

ENK used to be the only game in town with the Designer’s Collective but there is a new kid in town with great energy. The Project showing at the same time at the Metropolitan Pavilion. This show is run by the backers and partners of Scoop and has all the young lines that are leaders in biz these days…DC has become pretty grown up and staid. I loved the mix of vendors and discovering lots of new brands. Definitely the place to be! Coca Cola branded the cafe and their licensed goods were being sold in a booth next door. I applaud there branding and sales effort, sort of like a new product placement.

And since we mentioned ENK there are two pet peeves I have with the DC. Don’t hide the coat room all the way in the back…an old department store trick and do not give out press goody bags to some press and not to all the press and if that is your intention, do it discreetly not in front of the press person that walks away empty handed.

Speaking of giveaways…this is a new category of bags that trade shows give away when you register.There is definitely a race among the trade show organizers to give the newest most coveted bag of the season. ENK gave a very attractive mat black small duffel bag (the hand handles were a little too short) and the Project gave a cotton army bag made by Triple Five Soul…one of their exhibitors. Two weeks ago at a women’s trade show now named Moda at the Javits they gave out a jelly kelly bag in pink….but the organizers decided to give the bags out to the buyers and exclude press. Aren’t we people too….don’t we need to carry our stuff. Well if you are not going to give me my little perk for going to your boring show then I am not going to enter your show….so there.



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