Christian Louboutin Exhibition

The Fashion Institute of Technology is offering us a beautiful
exhibit: from March 13 throughout April 19, the FIT will display some
of Christian Louboutin ‘s renowned shoe designs. . Kudos and thanks
are conveyed to Dr. Joyce Brown, D.r Valerie Steele and Dr. Steven
Zucher for a very well put together exhibit.

Mr Louboutin is without any doubt the most celebrated shoe designer
and maker nowadays. His designs burst with a unique sense of
creativity and haven’t met their match so far. The exhibit is a superb
display of unique pieces, with photographs of icons like Marilyn
Monroe to explain part of the creative process. All the shoes are
amazing, in the sense that they are unique. Mr Louboutin’s superb
sense of artistry is perfectly highlighted.

The exhibit plays along with Christian Louboutin ‘s sense of
discretion about his personal life: narrow beams of light showcase the
shoes, and around, semi darkness. The written signs and panels
informing the viewers are few: the exhibit has us enjoying beautiful
works of art, yet our knowledge of the designer remains scarce, even
mysterious. Christian Louboutin is like a magician, bringing to
reality shoes that in a sense, seem to belong to dreams or rather to a
fairy tale… the most extraordinary mix of creativity, ideas, and

The exhibit allows us to glimpse at the Fetish Ballerinas, shoes with
heels as high as the length of the sole. They were created for a 2007
exhibit entitled “Fetish” in collaboration with David Lynch. The Piet
Mondrian Platform is a beautiful and iconic homage to both the Dutch
artist as well as Yves Saint Laurent ‘s 1965’s dress based on
Mondrian’s work. The Guiness Pump addresses recycling issues as well
as the Trash Pump does. The delicate design of a beautiful pair of
lilac-colored shoes adorned with a flower of the same color reminds us
that Mr. Louboutin is not merely a modern designer with sometimes
eccentric ideas but a very gifted and talented man.

The designs displayed at the FIT are masterworks. The selection of
shoes shows very well the various influences that help the designer in
his creative work. Inspiration draws from historical references, his
own environment as well as his personal experiences. The Fetish
shoes allude of the times spent at the famed Parisian lounge “Le
Palace” and the Mondrian shoes celebrate a long collaboration with
Yves Saint Laurent. Christian Loubourin is an extraordinary person
who creates extraordinary shoes.

– Muriel Triffaut



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