Editorial Cartoons: Look Back At Our Favorites

Many years ago, we used to publish editorial cartoons about people and events that were in the news. Below is a selection of our most favorites!

Tina Brown and the launch of Talk Magazine
All cartoons by Jim Hunt

This was our most popular editorial cartoon. It referred to the launch of Talk Magazine by Tina Brown. Tina was prior to Talk the editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair. She was quoted by an insider source telling her employees that starting up a magazine was no easy task. They had to expect working late nights was part of the job. Of course, it was revealed that Tina would often leave early while those beneath her stayed late into the night.

The cartoon got a lot of media play. In fact, Tina’s office called asking if she could buy the cartoon! I responded by saying that Tina “could not buy everything and that the cartoon was not for sale.” The launch of Talk cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million dollars and it closed after two+ years.

Anna Wintour and her staff at Vogue

Anna Wintour rules at Vogue. An editorial about the Conde Nast cafeteria inspired this cartoon. It is a light hearted look at how some editors and models would follow her around like a gaggle of ducks.

New York Fashion Shows

This cartoon was inspired by the complaints editors were making about the long waiting times to get into fashion shows. Others complained of people accessing the shows without credentials. Then, some shows were being held up for important editors who were running late. When Mercedes Benz took over as the primary sponsor of the shows, security was tightened and we laughed at the idea of German efficiency and the strict discipline it implied.

“The Blonde Stops Here”

This cartoon was a natural. Here Trump waits to interview models. On his desk are three pictures of John Casablancas, Bill Clinton and Woody Allen all wishing him luck. All three of them with dubious reputations. In this case, the truth turned out stranger than fiction.

As New York fashion week became more and more commercial, we suggested that IMG sell tickets to the shows. Well, it was not long after this cartoon was posted that American Express started offering ticket packages for a few selected show invites, skybox seating, cocktail party and meet & greet with designers for its cardholders.



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