Editorial: Saggy Boobs Get Their Day in the Sun

This past fashion week flew by with remarkably few moments that stood out in memory, except for the Reem Acra show. While the gowns and dresses were spectacular in their bohemian gypsy-like beauty, what was more surprising was a front row attendee who had her saggy boobs on full display smack in the middle of the audience.  It appeared as if no one noticed and I felt slightly perverted for staring and focusing on her droopy chest but her young age and the prominence of the display made me uncomfortable.

The girl’s name was Ashley Benson, a 25-year old from the television show “Pretty Little Liars” and there were numerous headlines from Perez Hilton to the Daily Mail and even a YouTube video made of her cleavage, documenting this momentous event. This was the “coming out” party for Benson, and it is almost assured she is on her way to fame and fortune due to her revealing garment.

Sofia Vergara Vanity Fair party

This was the revered fashion week where icons Anna Wintour and Linda Fargo set the dress code with long sleeves, mid-calf skirts and an occasional flounce or skinny jean. Was I even in the right place? Then I began to feel melancholy as I looked at her boobs because they reminded me of my grandmother (or bubby) who used to sit me on her lap with her voluminous chest, and talk to me about her days in Poland and the struggles she endured. Wow the emotions that this exhibitionistic display riled up left me perplexed. Upon going home to view the Reem Acra show online it became clear that the press did in fact take notice of this woman and there were multiple pictures and comments discussing her revealing dress.

Jennifer Lopez at the Vanity Fair party

However, Ashley is not alone, as the saggy boob trend has been picking up in Hollywood this past awards season with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Amy Adams forerunners of this increasingly popular trend.  And why not, aren’t we all sick of looking at the perfectly perky breasts of Salma Hayek, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian? Plaudits to Kate Upton for appearing on the Sports Illustrated cover twice with her low hanging boobs sans bra saying hello to the male audience in 2012 and 2013 – we were getting sick of the perfect Photoshopped Victoria’s Secret models stealing all the attention.

Gwyneth Paltrow at 2002 Academy Awards

Gwyneth Paltrow was an early advocate, appearing at the 2002 Academy Awards in an Alexander McQueen sheer gown with little support, even lamenting this dreadful look years later claiming she should have worn a bra, beachy hair and less makeup. Thank you Gwyneth for being so self deprecating but you are in good company. Jennifer Lopez has hit nearly every awards show sans bra, recently appearing in an Elie Saab dress at the Academy Awards that had everyone talking.

Jennifer Aniston at the SAG awards

Jennifer Aniston, another offender, appeared at the “SAG” awards in a vintage Galliano dress that left little to the imagination, and Heidi Klum showed up at the Elton John Oscar party in 2013 in a Julie Macdonald dress that had tongues wagging at her dangling duos. Furthermore, Amy Adams limping lemons were practically the focal point of the entire “American Hustle” movie, the one in which she was nominated for an Oscar in 2013. Even goddess Sofia Vergara has been showing some southern movement in her chest area as the pictures from the recent Vanity Fair Academy Award’s party reveal, making her more relatable to her vast female audience.

Heidi Klum Julien at the Elton John AIDS Foundations Oscar Viewing-Party

The burgeoning popularity of low hung boobs is a feminist statement of sorts. It says to the world I am proud of what I have even if it does not conform to the ideal of female perfection. However, its “downside” is it increases society’s objectification of women and puts attention in all the wrong places. We should be applauding these amazing women for their incredible career accomplishments and instead the only thing that stands out are the two things that have always garnered the most attention, since the days of Marilyn Monroe – and I am not talking about their soulful eyes.

Lieba Nesis

My love of fashion, writing and photography were something that always dominated my lifestyle however it wasn't until I was approached by the editor of Lookonline that I realized I could utilize these three skills in combination.

  1. Plot twist: Lieba is really a 12 year old boy who has never seen a breast in real life.

  2. What did I just read? This is the worst “article” I have ever read lmao. Have you never seen what natural breasts look like? None of the women in this post have saggy breasts and even if they did, that wouldn’t be an insult. This is literally what boobs look like without a bra when you aren’t an A cup or only 15.

    Lieba, you are a terrible writer and do not understand real women’s bodies or body positivity at all. You totally tried to shame women because you feel shitty about yourself and wanted to make yourself feel better. Start becoming a better ally.

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