F.I.T. Museum Presents: Fabulous! Fashions of the 1940’s Exhibition

The fashions of the 1940s, as much as its dance, music and theater, represented the determination and hopes of the American people during the war years, the subsequent economic expansion, and the beginnings of new social movements that marked the decade. The Center and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City will present “Fashions of the 1940s from The Museum at FIT,” in the Center’s Terrace Gallery, March 18-April 15, 2005. Included in this stunning exhibition will be a selection of more than 30 fashions and accessories from some of the top designers of the decade, including Adrian, Claire McCardell, and Norman Norell. “Fashions of the 1940s” is curated by Ellen Shanley, curator of costume at The Museum at FIT. A New America: The 1940s and the Arts, sponosred by The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Series for Artistic Excellence.

Tuesday June 14th at 10:30AM: Press Preview for “Fabulous Fashions of the 1940’s” Rsvp contact: 212-217-3293.



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  1. After that big PR event for Chanel at the Met, uh, museum, it’s nice to see a REAL clothing exhibit…

  2. Hi,
    Read your post. Pretty interesting.

    I’m particularly interested in knowing about the erotic lingerie scene in the 40s. Did this show feature something interesting when it comes to sexy lingerie? What was the general response in that era is what I want to know.

    Can you or anyone else guide me to relevant stuff online?

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