‘The Final Word’ by Diane Clehane

God Save the (Future) Queen

The newly titled Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be the brightest stars in the overcrowded celebrity galaxy and are sure to sell a lot of glossy magazines and newspapers in the coming months and years, but that is not their most important job — although it is clearly part of it. The future of the British monarchy rests squarely on the couple’s shoulders.

It is an unenviable task but one, judging from the couple’s masterful handling of public relations for their nuptials, they are clearly up to handling. Now that their ‘fairy tale wedding’ has passed into history, William and Catherine can now focus on the task at hand — working to ensure the affection of the British people returns in full measure. To do that, Catherine must take the lead. In doing so, she must not, contrary to everything that has been written up until this point, become Diana 2.0. For her greatest likelihood of success, argues Diane Clehane, Catherine must become the anti-Diana. Lookonline’s entertainment editor explores what the commoner-turned-HRH must do so that monarchy finds its footing into the future and she and her husband eventually become history’s most modern king and queen.

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