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It looks like we are not the only ones to wonder about Cathy Horyn’s attitude towards fashion and the people in it. We spoke out earlier this week on her article “Is Copying Really a Part of the Creative Process?” that seemed to have gone overboard in publicly humiliating Nicolas Ghesequiere. From WWD website comes the following promo for a lead article in today’s WWD: “Do the New York Times and its Cathy Horyn hate fashion? That’s sparking a huge debate over the CFDA’s choice of Horyn for its (Eugenia Sheppard) journalism award?” What is even more ironic, was it not Eugenia Sheppard who said if you cannot say something nice about someone then say nothing at all?

And let’s not forget that other fashion editor of The New York Times Amy Spindler who helped promote Horacio Silva’s “down & dirty” fashion gossip a la Chic Happens. How many of you remember last year when Amy ran almost an entire page of past “Chic Happens” columns in the fashion section of the Sunday Magazine? You think she was posting holy writ. And don’t get us started on the subject of crediting sources with some of what ran in those columns! The question is why both Spindler & Horyn would put the integrity of the New York Times on the line for such crap? Perhaps they are trying to push their bosses into a more “in your face” style of fashion reporting?



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