Mother of Deceased Anorexic Model Commits Suicide

Photo: Andreas Solaro: AFP/Getty Images

 Dana Kennedy of reported today the mother of 28-year-old Isabelle Caro was so devastated by the death of the anorexic French model that she killed herself on January 7. Her husband said “She was too sad to go on,” and “She was devastated.” His wife became especially upset and depressed after reading something photographer Olivier Toscani had written in late December about the young model.

Isabelle posed nude for a Italian ad campaign shot by Olivier Toscani for the Nolita clothing line in 2007. She became an overnight sensation. The image of Caro’s skeletal frame and gaunt expression was as shocking as it was unforgettable. The photographs were advertised in newspapers and billboards all over Europe and in some parts of the U.S. and were titled “No Anorexia.”

Isabelle Caro died Nov. 17 after returning to Paris from a business trip to Tokyo, but her death was not made public until the last week of December. Her father had wanted to keep it quiet. Caro told AOL News that he has charged the doctors at Bichat Hospital where his daughter died with criminal negligence in her death. 

The New York fashion industry made a big deal last year about the problem of anorexic models and their influence on young women’s self esteem. Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenberg were outspoken in their support for healthy looking models as inspirations for young women.

Sadly, one year later fashion has moved on.  Last year’s cause seems to be just that. Anna is now busy selling her advertisers to the Chinese, while Princess Diane is promoting on Social Media what she does best – the Diane von Furstenberg brand in all of its many splendid forms – currently her Housewares Collection on

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  1. So incredibly sad. What a tragedy for the poor father/husband.

    My son has been approached to be a model. His body fat (BMI) is about 8%. He was told he couldn't gain any more weight. Ridiculous. And the pressure must be so much worse for girls, and Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenburg are just plain silly.

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