Unsolicited Hostility

Our editor Marilyn Kirschner featured top center in Bill Cunningham’s ‘On the Street’ column in the Style Section of this Sunday’s The New York Times

It seems certain New York fashion publicists think it is open season to criticize us after Paul Wilmot forwarded one of our faxes to WWD. The latest tirade against Marilyn Kirschner our editor-in-chief comes from Greg Mills a fashion publicist who has worked for many years as a rep for a number of New York designers:

Greg Mills wrote:

“I am not sure i understand why miss kirchner is in a position to critique anyone’s word in design. it is not as if she has the innate sense of style style that would make one want to look to her for direction and ideas. considering the rediculous outfits she parades around in to garner attention to herself, one is hard pressed to take anything she says seriously.”

Pretty tough comments! As pictures speak louder than words our only response is to show a photo editorial by Bill Cunningham featuring Marilyn Kirschner in his “On the Street” column where he devoted the entire column to Marliyn – 18 photos of her in outfits she wore that he thought was stylish (see editorial). The last two people Bill had devoted his entire column to before Marilyn was Anna Wintour and Anna Piaggi– editor of Italian Vogue, Then subsequently Patrick McDonald. Not bad company!

And speaking of timing Marilyn is featured today front and center in Bill Cunningham’s column (see photo top) To quote Bill “Marilyn Kirschner really gets it. She understands what fashion is all about;” Who are we to argue with him?

-Ernest Schmatolla

Ralph Lauren Show:

It is not necessary to be weird or flamboyant to make clothes that women want to wear. Ralph Lauren had an inspiration when he turned to shape to focus on in his fall collection, shown the last day of fashion week. Other designers have concentrated on color or fabrics. Lauren emphasized silhouette (see photos).

Not a never-before-seen shape. That would not be likely after about a hundred years of modern fashion. A lot of shapes have been dormant, however. And among them are many that women would like to see again.

Lauren’s choice was a smooth-waistline, flaring skirt silhouette that is flattering ro many figures and has not been available for a long time as designers concentrate on bareness, flippy skirts and different lengths. The runway mannequins moved easily and comfortably. There was no need to clutch their bodies to be sure everything was intact. The clothes looked amazingly fresh and women who want to get dressed and forget about it perked up.

Colors were not exuberant. Black, beige and some red were shown. Sometimes a snug sweater topped the flaring skirt. Some styles were one-piece dresses. For formal wear, there was lace and emboidery. Women who have not been enthusiastic about clothes found a lot to approve of.

Fashion can be fun and practical without being outrageous. Lauren found a way to make this happen. It was a high spot of the showings.

-review by Bernadine Morris



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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