Condé Nast Blacklisting Lookonline Reports:

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It appears Condé Nast does not want their editors and writers to read what we have to say. Their webmasters are treating our directed opt-out email newsletters to and domains as part of their “Realtime Blackhole List” and thus deleting all our news reports and feature articles as so much “spam”. While over 30 of their editors & writers are prevented from reading our reports, others do in fact accept and access our feature articles.

I guess they do not like getting scooped by us. For example, just the other day we broke the news in New York about Gucci Group appointing a new chief executive officer almost 4 hours before WWD sent out a breaking news alert via email.

Blacklisting is a Fairchild family tradition of sorts. For years they ignored top American designers Geoffrey Beene and Pauline Trigere by never mentioning their names in any of their publications. Of course they are not above reporting a negative item — in an obvious attempt to embarrass us Paul Wilmot forwarded to WWD a fax we sent him complaining about not getting invites to his clients’ shows. WWD published parts of the fax as a “scoop” item in their special weekend edition during fashion week. It turned out to be great press for us while making Paul Wilmot seem small, petty and thin-skinned.

All we can say is in the words of the 1950’s folk singer group The Weavers talking about being blacklisted during the McCarthy era: “If it were not for the honor we would rather not be”. Just what are the poor dears so afraid of?



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