Editorial: Amy Spindler & Babes in Coutureland

Babe’s in Coutureland editorial

We are of course sorry to hear that Amy Spindler is stepping down as editor of The New York Times Magazine Fashion Section because of health problems, but we are not sorry to see her go. As one former senior fashion editor and one of the most respected names in fashion journalism told us: ” she (Amy) was in over her head from the very beginning”.

The low point for us in her career was the “Babes in Coutureland” piece that ran under her supervision last year in the magazine’s fashion section. It was in such bad taste that reporter Anne Taylor Fleming of PBS ran a segment on the “News Hour” about media exploitation of young girls and displayed the “Babes in Coutureland” photos as examples. When we first ran our editorial ( see August 21 2002 archive critical of the piece ) and then forwarded it to Amy Spindler she had The New York Times lawyer call us charging we were harassing her.

We will have more to say on Amy Spindler’s tenure as editor of the magazine’s fashion section in our upcoming New York Fashion Report. Look for it in your email inbox this Friday.

-written by Ernest Schmatolla

And in response to the above editorial comes a note from hal_rubenstein@instylemag.com:


Another giant of our industry speaks up in defense of Amy…




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  1. what daughter hasn’t dressed up in mommy’s clothes? an orphan with no mother perhaps,or a little girl from a broken home. Is that the norm these days, so now we are offended by cuteness? Get a grip, idiots.

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