Vicky Tiel

Vicky Tiel is an American born French couturier designing since 1964, when she went to Paris with her partner, Mia Fonssagrives. They created a storm with their miniskirts, hot pants and jumpsuits. Vicky did the costumes for 15 films and in 1975 she sold couture to Henri Bendel’s and 45 leading shops In 2011 she joined HSN TV, wrote her first book “Its All About the Dress” and has written a second book “The Absolute Woman It’s All About Feminine Power” which she recently launched on HSN.

“Timeless Fashion Taught by Coco”

Assuredly, the late Coco Chanel was one of them. Coco was my mentor; I was lucky to know her. It’s unimaginable but Chanel taught me one important life-changing thing (besides telling me to make perfume). She said, “fashion is not forever, perfume is”


Vicky Tiel’s Paris Journal: Paris Streets At Noel

I have lived in Paris since 1964, raised two sons, and ran a fashion business for over 50 years and I must say (unlike New York where towers now dominate), Paris is basically the same since 1964. RIEN CHANGE. It was said Hitler couldn’t bomb Paris because it was too beautiful!