Paris Street Fashion: Summer 2023

All photos and Sketch by Vicky Tiel

Fashion has taken its time, but today in 2023, we have a glorious return to 1964 when Mia Vicky launched in Paris the miniskirt, the bra for a day, and baring skin everywhere. 1960s fashion was about women’s liberation and “look at me.”

Say goodbye to the stretch pant and hello to the extra-extra wide pant. It is worn with a short undershirt showing the waist and the belly button. Show as much waist skin as you can.

It is also worn with a gold, silver, or hot pink sequin beaded top. Sequins for the day are sexy and new and worn as a beaded sequin minidress under a tailored mid-thigh long tailored jacket.

The sixties is now in dresses and skirts, or the accordion pleated skirt to the ankle is worn with the short midriff top and long tailored men’s jacket.

The man-tailored cross-button jacket extra long is worn with shorts or a mini skirt, often in gold leather. The mini look is back.

The Crossbody bag is the point of focus for 2023. It is worn in the center of the outfit, not hanging on the side. It is the focal point of the outfit and should stand out. The handbag is today’s most expensive item and the leading investment in the clothing fashion industry.

Women no longer need to wear expensive clothes if they can own and display a $1000-$3000 handbag. Most couture shops don’t even display dresses, only bags.

Electric colors Barbie pink, grass green, turquoise, and orange, but the number one color is yellow for the summer shoe.

Gold shoes, boots, or gold sandals are the top shoes for summer.

The long slit up the front of the skirt to the top of the hip is worn with the slit under the left bust ( as in many evening gowns) or on the side. The skirt is mini length, not to the ankle, and always black.

The Blue jean fabric has become the hot fashion fabric. For the first time, designers have used the jean material in each collection cut into very high-fashion dresses.

In clothing, art, and home, African print fabrics are used everywhere. The African ART gallery is the most opened in Paris in the last 20 years, with African Mali fang masks selling for millions.

Long hair is it. Worn free down the mid back.

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Vicky Tiel

Vicky Tiel is an American born French couturier designing since 1964, when she went to Paris with her partner, Mia Fonssagrives. They created a storm with their miniskirts, hot pants and jumpsuits. Vicky did the costumes for 15 films and in 1975 she sold couture to Henri Bendel’s and 45 leading shops In 2011 she joined HSN TV, wrote her first book “Its All About the Dress” and has written a second book “The Absolute Woman It’s All About Feminine Power” which she recently launched on HSN.

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