We wanted to save all our pithy remarks and high praise for our review but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

We don’t know if WWD saw the same movie we did, but we think “The Devil Wears Prada” accomplishes a rare feat. And, for the record, the editors and “insiders’ we spoke to after the screening we attended agree. The much anticipated film (which is a huge improvement on the infamous and best-selling book by Lauren Weisberger upon which it is based) captures the true insider’s view of fashion magazines by getting the tiniest details right (i.e.) assistant elevator etiquette and the fine art of getting one’s boss’ desk ready for her arrival and by serving up enough fantasy fashion to satisfy aspiring Us Weekly-addicted fashionistas everywhere.

Where are the hip clothes asks WWD? Everywhere. There’s more Chanel in this movie than you’d see in a month at La Goulue. Wasn’t that a Galliano gown on Anne Hathaway in a pivotal scene? Just because everything in the film isn’t a screaming advertisement for Gucci, Dior and the rest of fashion’s dream team doesn’t mean it wasn’t smartly styled. On the contrary — and we’ve got all the behind the scenes info on how it all came together. Look for our full review by entertainement editor Diane Clehane — and exclusive details from cast and crew coming soon.



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