Cathy Horyn: A Little Dazed or Just a Blind Eye?

“…Within an hour of each other on Saturday night, they (Ralph Lauren and Miguel Adrover) effectively closed the New York Spring 2003 Collection.” – so says Cathy Horyn in today’s New York Times fashion section.

Effectively closed Cathy? I am sure all the designers who showed on Sunday, September 22: Haneza, Taiza, Jared Gold, Manuel Fernandez, Yuma Topeka, Jiwon Park, Karma, Marshall Leigh, Esterban Cortazar, Miho-Miho, House of Fields, Zam Barrett, Mongane Le Fay, Tess Giberson. Phat Farm, Baby Phat, Tokyo Street, Cedella Marley, Victor de Souza, Nigel Hamill, Fashion Monster; and Monday, September 23rd: YM Megan Denim, Todd Thomas, Maggie Norris, Simon Duncan, Geova and Charlotte would have something to say as to when the shows effectively ended.

Ralph Lauren Sued for Making Low-paid Sales Clerks Buy his Clothes:

From AP via CBS News: “Forced to spend up to a third of their annual income on Ralph Lauren fashions to keep their jobs, Polo employees are suing the fashion giant for its uniform policy. The complaint was filed Wednesday by Toni Young on behalf of other unnamed plaintiffs and claimed Ralph Lauren’s Polo stores require sales representatives to purchase and wear the latest clothing line from the retailer. Young’s attorney Patrick Kitchin said she has spent more than $35,000 over five years on Polo clothing to meet the retailer’s uniform requirement. Young, a sales associate with Polo’s San Francisco store since 1997, makes approximately $22,000 a year, Kitchin said. Of that, Young spent between $8,000 and $10,000 on Polo fashions.

A spokeswoman for Polo Ralph Lauren in New York said the company does not comment on pending litigation. Click here to read full story.



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