The choice of running Sarah Jessica Parker…

The choice of running Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Vogue is a new low for Anna Wintour, Vogue Magazine and American fashion. It is the triumph of celebrity over style where bad taste and bad morals are celebrated on the cover of our greatest fashion magazine. It is not Sarah Jessica Parker’s great beauty (God forgive me for saying she is so ugly!) or her personal sense of style or glamour that got her the cover. It is her success in a TV show that some people have embraced as great entertainment while others have called ‘soft porn’ that now, according to Anna Wintour, makes her a style icon of sufficient magnitude worthy of being celebrated on the cover. And Vogue and ‘Sex And The City’ HBO producers are certainly taking every opportunity to cash in on this show’s success. The kind of co-branding and joint marketing going on here in the name of selling magazines and HBO subscriptions would, even today, put a smile of the face of Tina Brown! At least Anna let’s be honest. Why not put a real whore on the cover like Monica, instead of a second rate actress who just plays one. And Monica is better looking! And I can just imagine what is going to come next. How about ‘Sex And The City’ boutiques where you can buy the latest creations you see on the show – and having Candy Pratts Price pick out her favorite looks on the show to sell on the website. Hey, maybe Candy can even do a guest appearance on the show! But then again, when it comes to ‘Sex And The City’, Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. 😉



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