Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Below are more  photos shot by our photographer Randy Brooke and captioned by me during the ribbon cutting ceremony Monday morning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute.  Please be sure to click on the images for some really superb high resolution copies!

Anyone else?

“All smiles!”

“I hear she is going to run for a fifth term!”

“Let me fix your tie!”

Is this the way to Bergdorfs?

“The ghost of Christmas past?”

“Sure, I can get you a 20% discount on my handbags.”
“Why is it so dark in here?”

“Guess who is coming to dinner?”
“The Sisterhood”
“One picture is worth a thousand words”

– Ernest Schmatolla



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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