Countdown to the Royal Wedding

Photo by Mario Testino

Our entertainment editor, Diane Clehane, has begun her “Countdown to the Royal Wedding” with weekly blog posts about the impending nuputials of Kate Middleton and Prince William. She’ll be covering everything about the wedding from the dress to all the behind palace walls dish. Check out her first installment here.

Kate Middleton: A Post Modern Fairy Tale Princess?

The royal wedding is less than one hundred days away and I’m not ashamed to say, I’m getting a little excited. As someone who remembers getting up before dawn to watch the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, I’ll admit my view of ‘Happily Ever After’ has been altered somewhat by time. Maybe it’s this interminable winter we’re all suffering through and my recent move to the country that’s got me more than a little stir crazy, but even though I obviously should know better, I’m more than happy to embrace the modern fairy-tale that the marriage of Kate (excuse me, Catherine) Middleton and Prince William seems to embody.

Of course, so much has changed since the wedding of Diana and Charles. I wrote my first book, Diana The Secrets of Her Style, as a tribute to the late princess because I was so taken with her transformation from Shy Di to A Woman in Full. At the time I wrote, “Her journey from a rather ordinary looking kindergarten teacher to Her Royal Highness to a stunning, independent single woman was rife with images we could relate to. To women of all ages who grew up believing in fair-tale endings, Diana in her unabashedly romantic wedding dress was the embodiment of a modern day Cinderella.”

When I look at Mario Testino’s stunning engagement portrait of Kate and William, I am struck by how Kate looks both fresh and unaffected and coolly sophisticated as well. Take a closer look and you’ll see that she looks much more at ease in this photograph than William does. And, of course, she looks radiantly happy.

In next month’s Vogue, Mario Testino talks about the sitting for the portrait describing the couple as sharing the same ‘energy’ and, he writes, “the clear sense you get with them that they are going to work as a team.” His description of Kate is reminiscent of the other famous princess Testino so brilliantly photographed. ” Of Kate, he write, “She brings life, a delightful sense of humor, and a joy into the room when she walks in.”

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  1. They deserve each other. Kate is so beautiful and William is so attractive and they are an image of a lovely couple.

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