Or Why We Stop Worrying and Loved the Truth

Over the past year, we have written a number of critical editorials about New York PR firm KCD. Now, for those who are too young to remember, KCD stands for Keeble, Cavaco and Duka. A firm who was founded on and by a legendary trio that could today be a basis for a first class reality show. While this agency has been taken over by lesser hands, they still manage many top shows in New York and Paris — either as producers or behind the scenes for press relations.

We had the tenacity of questioning this firm’s behavior. Their response was to uninvite us from all  the shows they are representing. They have, in effect, blacklisted us. There is no point in going into all the particulars, let us just say that they are struggling to stay relevant in age where fashion publicity is moving beyond them. Some would say, it is just so much sour grapes on our part that we are no longer invited into any of their clients’ shows. But KCD is so thin skinned, so filled with their own self importance that they put their hubris over their client’s interests. Another example of a firm who confuses who they are with who they work for.

Seems so many in our industry are scared skinny over KCD not including them on their press lists. Well, we no longer have any reason to care. So for Ed Filopowski and Julie Mannion this little ditty is just for you. It is based upon a My Fair Lady’s song:

KCD is not the beginning and the end.
There’ll be spring shows every year without you.
Fashion still will be here without you.
There’ll be fruit on the tree.
And a shore by the sea.
We will still have crumpets and tea without KCD.
RTW & Couture will thrive without you.
Somehow even the CFDA will survive without you.
And there still will be rain on that plain down in Spain,
even that will remain without you.
Frankly, we can all do bloody well without you.

– Ernest Schmatolla



Ernest Schmatolla is publisher of Lookonline since 1994. It is the longest running fashion site on the Internet.

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