Email from Barbara Berman

Email from Barbara Berman: Fashion moves forward from 7th on Sixth to its larger size counterpart CurveStyle. Catherine Schuller, its creator, wanted to call the event 14th on Sixth, but “you- know- who” wouldn’t allow the title. A documentary of the plus-size fashion industry, Curve, will debut on February 27 at the NY Film Academy and yes – it’s open to the public. I’ll be dressing the models for the first-ever designer showing of the full -size fashions of Krizia, Givenchy and Oscar. And yes, again, the event is open to the public on March 6 at the Puck Building. Let’s hear it for the girls! And by the way, I saw way too much celulite backstage at several designer shows. I guess the girls know the fall fashion scene won’t include swimwear.



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