Exploring the Potency of “Revenge Dressing”

Revenge on a partner can be achieved through many different mechanisms: the saying “I don’t get mad I get even” has become the mantra of celebrity couples who change partners regularly. While Gwyneth and Chris may have consciously uncoupled; most duos split acrimoniously with headlines spilled across newspapers as they attempt to smear their partner in the most vicious way possible (Angelina Jolie).

Utilizing provocative fashion to simultaneously torture your ex while increasing marketability is a well-known celebrity ruse, especially when cameras are following your every move. I have chosen the top five women who have turned the tables on miserable breakups by mastering fashion through showstopping looks.

The Top Five Revenge Looks of the Last Two Decades:

There will never be anyone akin to Princess Diana who practically coined the term “revenge dress” in 1994 when she stepped out for a Vanity Fair party. She indeed was the Queen of People’s Hearts and left a vacuum in the news cycle as no one remotely fills her shoes. Her smile, the tilt of her head, her mournful eyes, her ever-changing hairstyles, and moods were a lethal combination that had the entire world awestruck by this otherworldly creature.

Unfortunately, Prince Charles was not quite as smitten as he carried on a lengthy affair during his marriage. The night Charles gave his dim-witted interview confessing to an affair with Camilla, Diana showed up in a smashing off-the-shoulder Christina Stambolian dress.

While this might not have been as deliberate as the press suggests, and being that she purchased the dress three years earlier, Diana clearly wanted to make a statement and that she did. The black dress’s subtle sexuality made it a sublime choice causing tongues to wag without trying too hard. Moreover, Diana took the spotlight away from Charles as all anyone could discuss was her knockout appearance.

Her look that night said “I am Diana hear me roar”-and ushered in a new era where she took control over her own narrative. There has never been a more perfect execution of an iconic look which will be etched in fashion history for years to come.

Irina Shayk Instagram “Bradley get lost” post after Brad Cooper split

Irina Shayk, who recently split from Brad Cooper after being forced to attend every unbearable awards show with him and Gaga slobbering over each other, experienced the ultimate in degradation. We should have been suspicious when Shayk showed up to the Met Gala sans Cooper.

After four years of dating, Cooper looked nonplussed by his newly single status despite sharing daughter, Lea, with the supermodel. Shayk took the offensive and jetted to Iceland and Italy for modeling shoots and a Versace show.

Her first post-split look was a bit demure as she left her house in a loose khaki jumpsuit making her look like a Bond girl in disguise. The next look was an “in your face Bradley get lost” bathing suit that showcased her pert derrière to seductive perfection.

Since then Irina has been seen out and about doing her thing with her girlfriends and family as if to say Bradley Who? Kudos to Irina for “shaking things up” in Cooper’s self-involved world.

Gucci pussy-bow blouse

Melania Trump has so many different modes of revenge, whether it be slapping her husband’s hand or showing up six months late to The White House that it would be hard to choose one incident. In terms of fashion, she made a significant but confusing statement when she showed up to the second debate in October 2016 wearing a $1,100 pink Gucci pussy-bow blouse after the incriminating tape of her husband came out.

It was hard to tell if this was deliberate or not as the First Lady is not too scared to mix it up in terms of fashion as she exhibited with her, “I really don’t care. Do U?” jacket. We are all waiting to see what magazine cover she eventually graces.

Khloe Kardashian on the right post-split with sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian endured the ultimate ignominy as she paraded her failed relationships around while her paramours paraded their mistresses. Days before Tristan’s cheating scandal, Khloe showed up pregnant on Instagram in sexy lingerie she had chosen for her boyfriend. She then took him back until he proceeded to cheat with her sister, Kylie’s, best friend.

Khloe’s acceptance of his infidelity was just another example of the terrible role models the Kardashians continue to be. When Khloe finally broke up with Tristan, she posted a picture of herself in a sheer sequined jumpsuit unsuccessfully channeling Rihanna’s 2014 look at the CFDA Awards.

This was too little too late even if she did showcase new butt implants. This desperate attempt to prove she was moving forward was ineffectual after allowing herself to be stepped on for months.

Kate Middleton after breakup with Prince William

Kate Middleton, who was dumped after four years of dating Prince William in 2007, failed to cower. She showed up in nightclubs with friends and out and about in a low cut dress with her sister as she proved her spirit was indomitable. It obviously worked because William came running back months later when he realized the error of his ways and they are now living happily ever after.

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