Fashion Week Daily: How Far Beyond Stupid?

Brandusa Niro’s tabloid continues running amuck. This time with a “mock” poll as to who is going to replace Craydon Carter if in the very unlikely event he is forced to resign as editor of Vanity Fair.

Perhaps a better poll would be just how long viewers think IMG will put up with Brandusa and her little band of “rabid tabloid scribblers” before they dump her from sheer embarrassment. Brandusa was fired several years ago as publisher of Fashionwiredaily and she seems to have learned little from that experience.

So we wonder who is going to replace Brandusa? Send us your choices and we will post it here.

“To get you juiced up, some starters”:

Paris Hilton: A role model for us all…

( The editors of Fashionweekdaily pulled the poll a few hours after we sent the above item out as part of our email newsletter. In fact, they even deleted the archive file that our above link is pointing to. )



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