Gen Art Show

I’m glad we are starting on the right foot and listened to Stan Herman that all shows should try to start no later tht 15 minutes after the hour. Well Thursday night The Gen Art Show, now moved to the Waldorf Hotel was supposed to start at 8PM and the senior Hiltons, Mr. and Mrs., minus any daughters strolled in at 8:10PM posed for 5 minutes for photos, next were interviewed by Judy Leicht and we waited! The Mrs does love the spotlight, Dad seems a little more laid back about the attention, he was more interested in the contents of the goody bag.

The upper tiers were filled but that is where the paying people sit. At 8:20PM the press section was about half full. Rah Digga, and entourage, female hip hop star pranced in with a mink coat. Too bad she couldn’t afford mink on her sleeves…fox is cheeper.

Only three designers were showcased. Usually it is five or six and no accessory people were spotlighted. Sorry folks no discovery tonight.

– a friend



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