If the Jacket Fits Wear It!

(From “Rene P” who is a good friend of lookonline.com)

I thought my fashion maven friends would appreciate this.

Tomorrow is my last day at IBM so today I went to clean out my closet 590 Madison Avenue. When I left I was a little depressed so I went to Chanel to see if I can brighten up my spirits with some amusing little trinket.In fact, I flew past the trinkets to the second floor having visions of a divine all-purpose black jacket. IBM was very good to me 🙂

Except for a security guard there was no one there. I waited a couple of minutes and finally a harried young lady emerged from a dressing room asking me if she can help me. Before I could answer, she disappeared again through another door.

After several minutes of back and forth, me following her around as she disappears behind various doors, she tells me that yes, they have black jackets but not on the floor! She will bring them down as soon as finishes ringing up her customer.

Finally, she stops, looks at me and asks me what size. I say 8. “Really?”, she asks me to take off my coat. Then, looking at me, with a sad smile, she says, “Have you ever worn Chanel?”



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