If You Got It – Flaunt It

If you’ve got it- flaunt it (?)

In my current New York Fashion Industry Report, I discussed the latest in a series of articles profiling the legendary spending habits of the poster child for conspicuous consumption- Kimora Lee Simmons. In the New York Magazine article, “Happiness is….”, Phoebe Eaton chronicles some of her more recent over the top moments, and there is a quote from her husband, Russell, inquiring: “Why is everyone worrying about what she spends? They should be worried about what Roberto Cavalli spends, too. What Ralph Lauren spends, too. How many cars does Tommy Hilfiger have, by the way?”

But to many, the answer is obvious – Kimora Lee flaunts it in a manner that many find objectionable. The group of fellow designers Russell alludes too certainly has enormous wealth, and extraordinary possessions, and most of them have been photographed with some of their trophies. But few do it in such an ‘in your face’ manner.

The New York Magazine article also referred to a recent advertising campaign in which Kimora was “photographed in her mansion as a you-can’t-touch-this chatelaine attended by an array of servants” which got people’s attention. One of them was The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan who felt, “The message is: I’m rich and you’re not. I found the ads extraordinarily offensive. It’s a very calculated ‘look at all the stuff I have’ with the domestics, and the kids are just another possession.”

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  1. I think that the fashion industry is missing a very big part of the market. There are many women 60 and older with money to spend that cannot find any flattering and non-fad clothing.

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