Interview With Patricia Fields


Patricia Fields and David Dalrymple latest creations titled
“Destination: Style” were shown at the Edison Ballroom this Saturday
night. After years of being celebrated for her unique and dazzling styles
seen in the acclaimed “Sex and the City” TV series and the Oscar
nominated “The Devil Wear Prada”, Patricia Field is now launching a
line that shows maturity and a newly gained knowledge of what her fans
want to wear. The line was designed with her longtime collaborator David Dalrymple.

I had the chance to interview Patricia Field for a few minutes earlier
in the day. She told me that she doesn’t see clothes “as being either
tasteful or tasteless, but rather an expression of one’s unique
personality”. About her new collection, it is “the fashion that is
for every woman, it’s easy and flattering to wear. There is style to
it, and at the same time it’s wearable. That’s very important to me,
because everyone wants to wear it and look gorgeous in it. And
everybody can.”

Patricia Field wants this latest collection to reflect
how the fashion behind ‘Destination Style’ is all about where
a woman is headed: “We may be going to work, we may be going to
the gym, in the evening we may be going for a cocktail or a dinner. So
basically, the way you dress starts out with ‘where am I going?’. I
created this collection with that idea in mind of ‘Destination
Style’… you are styling for the place that you’re going.”
She also says that “fashion is a lifestyle. It’s a way of living. It’s
about enjoying every minute of it. That’s what fashion means to me.
It’s not is the dress long or short or what’s the new trend,
fashion means living a glorious and beautiful life.”

Patricia Field’s talents were seen last night with a full array of
designs that celebrated the exuberant, colorful and vibrant lifestyle
that is eponymous with her line of clothing. The Spring 2009 line is
a full array of colors, patterns and daring tailoring.

Mannequins artfully scattered around the stage (including one in a
coffin) gave the tone of what was to come: a show of colors and pizzaz,
bold and vibrant patterns that honor the woman who dares revealing
her figure, along with a strong will to beat the doldrums from the
winter past.

Among the designs seen on the catwalk – a short dress with a
halter top in pink with red polka dots of assorted sizes, and another
dress with pink flowers on green ground with a tiered skirt and a matching
cape. A black and white striped jacket over gold lame leggings was unforgettable. The collection delivered a jolt of color and sexuality for the confident woman.

-Muriel Geny-Triffaut



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