Jean Shafiroff Hosts Historical Society of Palm Beach with Oscar de la Renta

Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff – All photos by PMc/Paul Bruinooge

Oscar de la Renta and Palm Beach go together like shovel and sand. The upcoming grand exhibition “Endless Summer: Palm Beach Resort Wear” (opening November 9th), presented by the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, was celebrated with a private cocktail party at the NYC home of gracious hosts Jean and Martin Shafiroff last Wednesday night.

Jean Shafiroff & Alex Bolen

Approximately 140 guests attended, including Oscar de la Renta CEO Alex Bolen and his wife, Oscar de la Renta Executive Vice President Eliza Reed Bolen.

Marina Maher, Cameron Silver, Raffael Pacitti, Ramona Singer

Other notable attendees included exhibit curator Cameron Silver (famed owner of LA’s Decades vintage), Anna Rothschild, Paul Labrecque, Ramona Singer, Julia Haart, His Royal Highness Prince Mario Max of Austria, Frank Sciame, Jackie Weld Drake, Alex Hamer, Jeffrey Alderton, Lizzi Bickford, Katherine Boulud, Courtney Schlesinger and Beth Landman.

Lizzi Bickford & Todd Meadow

The luxury brand’s support of the exhibit at the Richard and Pat Johnson History Museum in West Palm Beach celebrates an ongoing collaboration to preserve and share fashion history in Palm Beach.

Anna Rothschild

Jean, a great ambassador for the brand and a denizen of NY and Palm Beach, wore a stunning floral gown from the Pre-Spring 2024 collection, which she chose for its simple lines and color. “Fashion and style are part of the history and fabric of every community,” Jean remarked.

“As a true fashion lover, I was delighted to host this event for the Historical Society of Palm Beach County and am very excited for the upcoming exhibit.”

Jean Shafiroff

Jeremy Johnson, Jean Shafiroff, Rebecca Seawright

Amidst the beautiful setting with champagne and white wine flowing and various passed tasty morsels, New York State Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright presented a citation to Jeremy Johnson, President and CEO of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, and Jean for her extensive philanthropic work.

Jose Castelo Branco

Several mannequins were clad in OdlR, as well as a few guests. In general, guests were dressed more NY chic than Florida flamingos, as the weather had just turned more fall-like and velvet-appropriate.

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg

The social climate and conversation naturally revolved around the Mid-East conflict, other upsetting world affairs, and fashion topics. Still, generally, it was a very festive atmosphere of East Coasters from up and down the country with highbrow interests.

Krista Corl, Katherine Boulud, Sue Jin Seth

Interestingly, I got into a conversation with Mr. Bolen about vintage Oscar – to circumvent the (possibly failing) TheRealReal, he mentioned that they now offer pre-owned vintage on the Oscar de la Renta website, remarking that it often serves as a gateway into the purchase of a newer item adding that it also serves to attract a younger customer.

Sylvia Hemingway, Isabelle Orlansky, Lee Fryd

Speaking of which, none other than Taylor Swift just selected a strapless Oscar for the “buzzy premiere of her Era’s tour concert film” (according to Page Six) at the Grove in LA – ostensibly in a nod to her “1989” era.

Randy Walker, Donna Simonelli, Matt Decker, Grace Walker, Sue Jin Seth, Amanda Starbuck Hanlan

“Endless Summer” will feature items from “the most fashionable winter guests — from the effortless wardrobes of Anthony’s, Bonwit Teller and salon owner Martha Phillips, to Philip Hulitar, Chanel, Lilly Pulitzer, and St. John.”

Pamela Morgan

Resort wear emerged and became the “Palm Beach look” after Henry Flagler’s railroad brought northern travelers to South Florida, where their heavy winter clothes became untenable.

Lauren Day Roberts, Alex Hamer

The exhibit will run through May 2024. The Historical Society of Palm Beach County is a nonprofit organization founded in 1937 to collect, preserve, and share the history of PBC and Florida. For more information, visit

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