“Keep On Plugging Jared!”

We wish we had a dollar for every time Jared Stern, gossip columnist of the New York Post mentions his guy pal Paolo Zampolli in one of his columns. Today on PageSix.com Jared writes all about some “bitter feud between outspoken ID Models mogul Paolo Zampolli and powerful Pier 59 studios head Federico Pignatelli.” And after some boring and confusing explanation why the feud may or may not be settled, Jared finds a perfect place to slip in the plug that ID Models are regularly booked by Conde Nast, Hearst, Victoria’s Secret, Patrick DeMarchelier and Peter Lindbergh. Jared then gives Paolo Zampolli and his agency a third plug in the same article. This one is about Zampolli’s agency’s top model Ana Hickmann being booked for the Victoria’s Secret’s new Very Sexy TV commercial.

We have nothing against giving a friend a plug now and then. But the amount of plugs Stern has given Zampolli begins to call into question the “integrity” of the column and the columnist.



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