Keith Kelly of The New York Post…

Keith Kelly of The New York Post reports that Fairchild Publications is planning on a new magazine aimed at the 40 plus woman. The working title of the magazine is “Elizabeth” which happens to be – surprise of all surprises – the middle name of their hot editor-in-chief of Jane Magazine the one and only Jane Pratt. Mary Berner, CEO of Fairchild which publishes Jane, thinks Jane Pratt would be just perfect for the job and she is taking a hard look at the new project. Oh, did we forget to mention that Jane Pratt just happens to turn 40 very soon? Perhaps next on the drawing board for Fairchild will be a pet magazine named after Jane’s dog, then a retirement magazine named after Jane’s grandmother, and then a “in-service magazine” named after her maid. Plans for the first cover may include Gwyneth Paltrow looking a little older than her years.



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