Manhattan is Better in the Summer!

The best part of spending the summer in Manhattan is how much nicer everyone is. It is not just that there are fewer people around but those that stay in the city during the summer are just sort of friendlier. It only recently came to me why this is so. I think it is because all of the ‘Page Six’ personalities and their entourages, Vanity Fairies, Puffys, J-Los and other bimbos, Park Avenue princesses, trust fund interns, Condy Nastys, media moguls, and all the other sordid assorted masters of the universe that inhabit our city having left to spend the summer or long weekends in the Hamptons. It is there, in the Hamptons, that during the summer they, these doers, sayers and wannabees, continue their constant (and expensive) struggle to think well of themselves while they annoy but enrich the locals who feed off of them. In the meantime, while the air remains hot, the “hot air” is greatly diminished and it gives the rest of us lesser mortals who stay in the city a brief respite – however temporarily – from all of their sound and significant fury.



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