Merle Ginsberg Dumped by W Magazine

The New York Post reported today that Merle Ginsberg, the entertainment editor of W, the sister publication of WWD, was let go. The Post went on to report: “She was completely taken aback,” said a West Coast pal. “Merle didn’t realize it was coming. They blamed it on ‘budget cuts.’ But she has been somewhat disgruntled for a while now.” Ginsberg had been lobbying for an assistant to help wrangle celebs for interviews and photo shoots. “Not only did she not have an assistant, she had to write all the features herself,”

Merle was entertainment editor for the last 11 years. She did some of the best celebrity interviews for the magazine and she is highly respected by her peers in the industry. A rep for W said: “Merle resigned to pursue TV and other freelance opportunities

But as one friend of ours said: “This isnt so shocking really. They (W) are notoriously cheap and Im sure she was getting’ ‘too big’ for them. I wouldnt cry for her though, my prediction is she’ll wind up with a coveted Vanity Fair contract or some big bucks from Us Weekly.”

Editor’s note: The NY Daily News reports “Former W magazine celeb profiler Merle Ginsberg has landed on her feet – as society editor at Distinction Magazine, an upscale lifestyle mag to be launched by the Tribune Company in September. “Nobody has paid enough attention to the Brooke Astors and Nan Kempners of Los Angeles, says editor-in-chief Laurie Pike.”



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