Mixed signals on Roitfeld?

The following note is from a friend just back from the Paris Shows: “Word here is that Carine Roitfeld is out at French Vogue and will be back working with Ford at YSL. Her last issue was a real stinker in the eyes of a lot of people here, and while her personal style is certainly emulated on some runways, it is by no means universally appreciated. She was still clunking around in last season’s YSL gladiator sandals and even SHE knew she could do better (trust me on this one Ernest, it’s an editor’s intuition).”

Our friend continues “The only editor more currently reviled is probably la Wintour, for the big mess she started in insisting on jammimg all the shows together and hurting the younger designers tremendously by flagrantly ignoring them. Marilyn and I are obsessed with discussing Wintour, and I’m sure you’ll be going ‘oh no, not this again’ but no one touches Wintour for appearance among the top journalists and editors. Carine looks like a lost school girl.”



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