Napoli Crea Event at Kiton:

There were a number of fashionable events going in New York city last night and not the least being the press conference and party for the current exhibition ‘Napoli Crea’ promoting the Italian designer Consortium of Naples. The event was held at Kiton, a world famous tailoring and clothing store on Fifth Avenue and 54th Street that has its roots 30 years ago in Naples. The Mayor of Naples was there last night to make a presentation and he certainly added to the glamour of the event. A short film was shown highlighting the companies and products produced in the Campania region of Italy.

The consortium is made up of companies in the high end fashion sectors and related accessories industries (textiles, apparel, leather, goldsmithing, and jewelry making) and the group represents some of the best names in the Campania region. Participating in the exhibition are: Andreano, Aprile, Attolini, Cortis, De Cristofaro, Finamore, Isaia, Marinella, and Tramontano. Their website is at:

We met some very interesting people but for us one highlight of the evening was being introduced to the beautiful Italian sculpturess Lina Russo who lives in Rome and also designs the most exquisite jewelry. She was wearing a gold cross inlaid with emeralds of her own design that was just breathtaking.

The large crowd of several hundred was mostly Italian — dressed very elegantly — with just a smattering of Americans present. We did however run into Joan Kaner, fashion director of Neiman Marcus, Lisa Silhaneck of 7thonSixth, Ken Panton of, and Amedeo Angiolillo the well known publisher.

The event was very well run and special mention goes to Ian Mackintosh for the good job he did handling the front door. For more information about the exhibition and consortium contact: Compania Region Office, 4 East 54th Street. 212.486.8227 Email:

-by Ernest Schmatolla



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