De Monchy Holds “De-licious” Luncheon For Gal-entine’s Day

Debra Wasser and Katlean De Monchy
All photos: Lenny Stucker
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Katlean de Monchy hosted a Galentine’s luncheon for 87 women at restaurant Avra located at 14 East 60th Street. Guests gathered from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM to socialize over a generous helping of sauteed chicken, and chocolate cake.

Jean Shafiroff, and Cindy Hsu

Attendees included: Patricia Kluge, Susan Gutfreund, Jean Shafiroff, Jill Zarin, Maria Fishel, Barbara Winston and Maggie Norris. Jill Zarin who recently lost her husband Bobby was still mourning over this great man who touched the lives of so many. Bobby succumbed to cancer after years of suffering with the dreaded disease.

Andrea Wernick, Jennifer Myles, Maria Fishel, Maria Elena Christiansen

Documenting the afternoon was phenomenal photographer Lenny Stucker who captured the festivities with his discerning eye. Lenny recently bought a $50,000 camera and has been shooting book covers and private parties at a frenetic pace.

The scene

Lenny may be able to fill the void left by photographers Bruce Weber, Mario Testino and Terry Richardson with his keen skill and polite demeanor.

Mary Brown, Katlean De Monchy, and Lieba Nesis

As hordes of blonde beauties streamed in Katlean welcomed guests and took to the microphone to relay her success with phenomenal nutraceutical Aethern – which sells for $295 and was given out for free at the conclusion of the lunch.

Maggie Norris and Cassandra Seidenfeld

Barbara Winston, daughter-in-law to Harry Winston, attended the luncheon wearing green emerald earrings that her husband Bruce made which were phenomenal. Her daughter, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is a senior adviser to Melania Trump and was the founding fashion director for Lincoln Center.

Jill Brooke, Kathy Reilly, Nancy Pearson

I was seated next to another female powerhouse, Jill Brooke, who is a best selling author and TV host who urged me to read her book “The Need to Say No”. I jokingly responded “no thank you” but I liked her advice on defining your boundaries and sticking up for one’s principles.

Patrica Klug

Katlean de Monchy’s Galentine’s lunch at AVRA turned into a scavenger hunt after the entrepreneur lost her zebra glasses. While the glasses were never found, guests did view some great talent, including a surprise song from guest Mary Brown, who wrote Beyonce’s first number one single with Detinys Child “No, No, No”.

Andrea Stark, Lauren Day Roberts

Katlean in hoping that maybe the glasses fell into one of the snazzy gift bags that were filled with Aethern nutriceuticals – which she added is more than her glasses which are sentimental.

Lucia Hwong Gordon, Adele Nino and Lauren Lawrence

As guests headed out, I spoke with art dealer Robin Cofer about the booming market for contemporary art. Robin and Lucia Hwong Gordon always dress with creative flair and this afternoon Robin was wearing a Comme Des Garcons vest and riding hat and Lucia donned a sweater from her grandmother with red boots.

Goody bags

At 2:45 PM I left these lovelies to catch the 3 PM Naeem Khan show – not a bad way to end a delightful afternoon.

– Lieba Nesis

Lieba Nesis

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