Elphia Beauty Heads to Hudson Street 

Paul De’Angelo and Joanna Krupa
All event photos: Lieba Nesis

Elphia Beauty had its pop-up shop opening on Saturday December 15, 2018 from 7:00 to 10:00 PM at 137 Hudson Street. Being that the holidays are just around the corner traveling downtown was a nightmare with traffic at a standstill. Arriving at the venue I bumped into a couple of familiar faces including famed fashion photographer Antoine Verglas and dozens of models-many of whom appeared Russian. This could have been a Victoria’s Secret casting call except it was the wrong season.

When it comes to beauty everyone is always looking for the next best facial product and Elphia Exfoliating Gel and serum might be the real deal-it certainly is a great Holiday gift. What separates Elphia is it produces noticeable results within minutes and is vegan friendly. Moreover, the product is cruelty and GMO free, paraben free, phosphate free, sulfate free, however, it is not free altogether. A bottle of the serum will put you back $137 with a small bottle of the exfoliant costing $52 and reaching $102 for the largest bottle. The product is available on Elphiabeauty.com and can also be purchased at the concept store in Soho as well as in salons in Madrid, Miami and Atlanta.

Laurie Zdanowicz and Laurie Bendall

The face of Elphia is Joanna Krupa who is best known for her “Real Housewives of Miami” and “Dancing with the Stars” stints and is currently a judge on the Polish version of “Next Top Model.” Krupa is extremely personable and told me at this stage she was only representing products she believed in. Her shoot for the product took two ten-hour days filmed in the beautiful Beverly Hills. Krupa, who suffers from rosacea, commended Elphia for being gentle on her skin-whereas, many exfoliants were abrasive and irritating. Krupa also likes to use the serum under her makeup to provide a healthy glow. The serum mimics the body’s natural Sebum (the oil the skin produces) and is made from Jojoba Seed Oil which allows the body to absorb the nutrients. It also hydrates the skin providing a light non-greasy base for the face while diminishing pores. Krupa said she was careful to care for her skin since she wanted to avoid getting a face lift by the age of 50.

Model in front of floral display

When I asked Krupa if she followed a special diet she admitted she enjoys pasta and desserts because life was short and she wanted to enjoy it. Krupa is thankful that she is able to book jobs as a model without starving herself as companies appreciate her curvier look.  She conceded that she was no longer reliant on her television career but was pursuing a more entrepreneurial route with endorsements of lingerie and eyeglasses.

Left to Right: Ellen Peia CEO and founder of Elphia with Andrew and Dayna Frank

Some other entrepreneurs in the room included Andrew and Dayna Frank who run the world’s largest corporate trading company called Active International a $2 billion dollar company with 550 employees that is represented in 18 countries. The company places products on major networks, billboards, bus shelters, and radio for cheaper prices due to the relationships the Frank’s have with suppliers.

KC Klein and Kate Bar

There were many colorful dressers in the room who appreciated the daring trends in fashion that were currently available to both men and women.   As the DJ spun tunes guests were able to pose with a lavish purple floral display as cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were served-a fun conclusion to the end of an exciting Holiday party season.

– Lieba Nesis

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