Radmila Lolly’s Amazing First Collection

Radmila Lolly in her own design
All photos Lieba Nesis

Fashion For Peace held its World Fashion Parade featuring designer Radmila Lolly who was premiering her first collection at Gotham Hall. The doors opened at 7:00 PM and there was an enormous crowd waiting outside to view the collection many of whom were friends of Radmila’s boyfriend, John Utendahl.

John Utendahl on the left

For those who don’t know Utendahl he is the former owner of one of the largest African American owned investment banking groups in the United States and is currently Executive Vice Chairman of Bank of America Global Corporate and Investment Banking. Utendahl is always dressed in a magnificent suit perfectly complementing his 6 ft 6 in frame and “classy gentleman” is the only word that adequately describes him.

Lavender fringed pantsuit

He is also a financial whiz with much of the billionaire African American community choosing him as their investment advisor. Tonight he was glowing with the pride of a loving boyfriend as his statuesque girlfriend, Radmila Lolly, wowed the crowd. Radmila has the figure of a model and the creativity of a veteran designer, treating the crowd to her operatic voice while models paraded down the runway in her smashing attire.

 Green caped pantsuit

She showed a fluency and knowledge of fashion that is rarely seen in a fledgling designer with models in white and gold gowns looking elegant and award ready. Moreover, I loved the red, purple and green capes especially when accompanied with a pantsuit or shorts-this was high fashion meets high society.

Denim jumper with train

The denim jumper with a train was paradigmatic of the trend we are seeing of denim for the night which Herrera recently showcased and was a nice addition to the bold colored gowns. The fringed midriff-baring lavender pantsuit was a jaw-dropper with the crowd bursting into applause-this was sexy, and edgy with a modern twist on the flapper trend.

diamond-caged dress

The last looks were executed to perfection with diamond caging accompanying a black ensemble and a white leotard-this kind of statement making clothing is worth the discomfort. The finale piece was a gold embroidered jumpsuit with an angelic train – a heavenly conclusion to an excellent show produced by a novice in the industry who is headed for an illustrious career.

Lieba Nesis

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