Lieba’s Annual Pick For The Sexiest Man Alive

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection and soul searching giving us the opportunity to contemplate important and world changing events. One of these pivotal occurrences that is worthy of analyses and discussion is People magazine’s choice of “Sexiest Man Alive”. Yes choosing a President was certainly consequential with a riveting, vitriolic election keeping us guessing until the night of the final count. However, picking “the sexiest man alive” is no trivial matter as thousands gather at newsstands to snatch up their special double issue where we get to see all these hotties.

In other years, I have objected to the cover boys feeling that they were unworthy of this coveted title. Last year’s choice of David Beckham was a head scratcher – why I lamented. What happened to the good old days with Pitt, Clooney, McConaughey and Harrison? Why hadn’t People chosen a similarly nonchalant super stud who was headed for a spectacular career. This year they disappointed slightly by picking Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne seems like a good guy but is already an established commodity being the highest paid actor in the world with his 6-foot-5 inch frame and 245 lbs.

In the article, Dwayne shares some adorable tidbits including his weekly indulgence in cheat meals where he scarfs down burgers, pizza and pancakes. As if all this wasn’t fascinating enough, we are told that he is contemplating running for President – go right ahead Dwayne now that you have a resume with sexiest man the world is open. Some more fun facts include Dwayne’s admission that he was naked that morning “trying to make babies” with his longtime girlfriend – Too Much Information Mr. President.

All joking aside, Dwayne seems like a down-to-earth fellow who deserves both heavyweight and sexiest man titles. Inside the magazine, People further explores and categorizes sexy men such as Ryan Reynolds as “Sexiest Masked Man”, Andy Cohen as “Sexiest Diarist” and Orlando Bloom who is “Sexiest Boyfriend.”  I think I can do better in picking men both in New York and all over the globe who are sexier and more exciting than these folks.

Moreover, People’s title should be changed to “Sexiest Celebrity Alive” as it becomes apparent there are sexier dudes in the general population who will never be chosen since they don’t have the celebrity factor that will enable People to obtain exclusives in the near future. This is my first attempt at choosing sexy Individuals but if this goes well I may have a Lieba’s Annual Sexiest List.

Top Ten Sexiest People:

Sexiest Person Alive: Male Model Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett

I thought about who was worthy for days on end scrolling through Instagram, Facebook and online sites and finally concluding the only man who fits the bill is Jordan Barrett. Many of you have never heard of this up and coming male model who at one time dated Paris Hilton and now graces magazine covers and ad campaigns. I have met Jordan twice and both times found myself moving closer so I could brush against him and see if this magnificent mannequin was capable of movement. His angular bone structure, luxurious blonde hair, dynamite Australian accent, perfect 6-foot-1 physique, stunning blue eyes and white glossy teeth make him the perfect choice. He is a bit feminine but so are Rob Lowe and Brad Pitt. This 19-year-old is enigmatic and mysterious with all the right friends including: Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Sexiest Politician: Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

While most of you thought I would pick Barack or Trudeau I chose Nancy, Minority leader of the House, because she is 76 and always looks perfectly coiffed and elegant. She seems a little uptight but always appears age appropriate maintaining a youthful glow belying her 76 years. She may be replaced in the upcoming months so perhaps bestowing this title on her will assuage her pain after she is no longer politically relevant.

Sexiest Jewish Man in New York: Joshua Kushner

Joshua Kushner

I hope this subset doesn’t offend anyone but being that I am a Jewish New Yorker I have to look out for my own interests. This 31-year-old internet mogul who is the brother of Jared, son-in-law to President elect Donald, is nothing short of magnificent. I have spotted him at the Met Gala, a UJA event and some other soirees and all 6-foot-2 inches of him are impeccable. His full head of brown hair and preppy demeanor allow him to blend in any environment. Graduating Harvard College and Business School and being one of the original investors in Instagram doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately, he is dating model Karlie Kloss.

Sexiest Restaurateur: Julian Niccolini

Julian Niccolini

Since closing his famous Four Seasons restaurant this past July, this man has been nonstop-traveling to Italy and the Hamptons and planning his new restaurant which will be located at 280 Park Avenue. His white shock of hair, kind demeanor and delightful Italian accent endear him to Kings, Queens and the glitterati of New York. This man will be successful no matter where he resides with a following that includes Martha Stewart, Ray Kelly, and Leon Black.

Sexiest Fashion Ambassador: Carlos Souza

Carlos Souza

“Who is that man?” I exclaimed, as I walked into the New York City Ballet Fall Gala and spotted a gorgeous Brazilian in a dashing black suit. Publicist Peggy Siegal introduced him as Valentino Global Brand Ambassador Carlos Souza who frequents society events from Russia to Paris. This man is a cross between Michael Nouri and Julio Iglesias and is perhaps the best dressed man utilizing purple cravats and colorful jackets to stunning effect. His celebrity friends include Hathaway, Hilton and Kardashian. If you want to socialize with this guy you better have a house or castle in the South of France or at least California.

Sexiest Preacher: Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

While meaning no disrespect, I commend Osteen for his youthful appearance and shy smile. He and his wife, Victoria, have movie star looks with Southern manners, and kudos to him for positively affecting so many lives.

Sexiest Rapper: Future


While many women swoon over Drake I met “Future” last week and he is a stunner. His shoulder length hair and adorable smile are completely unexpected from one of the toughest rappers in the industry with a towering stature that completely took me by surprise. Moreover, he was gracious and friendly notifying me that he was going to the studio to record at the late hour of 12:30 AM – making a good living can definitely compound sexiness.

Sexiest TV Star: Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni

Justin Baldoni is one of those young up and comers with 634,000 Instagram followers whose swarthy good looks and chiseled physique make this 32-year-old a standout. His show “Jane The Virgin” continues to be a cult hit and his following among tweens has exploded.

Sexiest Late Night Host: Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

If sardonic is sexy then this man has got it. it was a tough call with funnymen Jimmy Fallon and James Corden coming in at close seconds. However, Fallon and Corden are too goofy and their karaoke segments are painful. Kimmel is funny in an understated way and his skits on the streets of LA with security guard Guillermo are uproarious.

Sexiest Female: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski

Yes her ensembles are downright slutty, but she continues to grab the public’s attention with her wardrobe choices. The difference between her and nudity often lies in a sliver of material but that’s why the paparazzi love her. I hope she has some talent backing up her flimsy wardrobe choices.

– Lieba Nesis

Lieba Nesis

My love of fashion, writing and photography were something that always dominated my lifestyle however it wasn't until I was approached by the editor of Lookonline that I realized I could utilize these three skills in combination.

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