Dylan’s Candy – A Resident of Union Square

Resident magazine held its party to celebrate cover girl Dylan Lauren at Dylan’s Candy Bar at 33 Union Square West from 6PM to 8PM. Entering a sugar haven is always a delight and the beauty of Dylan’s is attributable to both its delightful decor and delicious treats.

Models Nneka, and Jennifer Ohlsson

Tonight there were a bevy of models standing in the doorway who appeared scared to move too close to the candy bins lest some of the calories enter their picture perfect body frames. The Lauren’s have a magic touch with both fashion design and gastronomy, as exhibited by the outstanding success of the Polo lounge which is consistently booked every single day of the week at every time period.

Bonnie Evans in a Ralph Lauren jacket

Dylan, 41, is the daughter of Ralph and a mom to two children, but she is also an entrepreneur in her own right creating the world’s largest confectionery emporium and lifestyle brand. Started in 2001, Dylan’s houses over 7,000 sweet treats and also contains candy related lifestyle products from stationery to sweaters. Tonight was a celebration of Dylan whose svelte figure led me to question whether her love for sweets was sincere. However, she promised me that she loves sugar but engages in its consumption in “moderation” while maintaining a rigorous workout schedule.

Philanthropist & animal lover Jean Shafiroff

Dylan is low key and modest wearing a plain magenta Lauren jersey dress and stating that her father, Ralph, is her favorite designer. Dylan said she has 15 stores and is in the process of global expansion choosing to appear on the cover of Resident because it’s a great magazine and they helped her launch her foundation which assists in finding homes for sheltered animals.

Jane Pontarelli and Rosemary Ponzo

As DJ Freddy spun tunes, the crowd poured in to sing the praises of the Lauren’s with Bonnie Evans, one of Ralph’s first models in the 70’s, saying she was a big fan and was wearing one of his camel colored jackets. Another old friend, Bo Polk, also clad in Lauren, spoke of Ralph’s continued loyalty to his high school friends and recalled the day he learned he was changing his name from “Lifschitz” to “Lauren.”

Michael Travin and Vincent de Paul

Vincent de Paul, Emmy winning producer of “The Bay” said that Versace was his favorite designer but he loves to wear Ralph when he is on camera because his clothing looks “so cinematic.” After overdosing on some chocolate covered strawberry treats and sno-caps,

Michael Travin and Melissa Kassis

I ran into Michael Travin, Publisher of Resident, who said he chose Dylan as cover girl because she has an expanding business which has national recognition and her personality appeals to both kids and adults. He said he admired her business acumen and pleasant persona and was looking forward to future covers with phenomenal businesswomen such as Barbara Corcoran.

As the DJ played the Rihanna song “Work” I headed home to tend to some writing and recount the highly saccharine evening I had just experienced.

– Lieba Nesis

Lieba Nesis

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