Robin Hood Holds its Seventh Annual Polo Cup in The Hamptons

The Seventh Annual Hamptons Polo Cup took place at the Equuleus Polo Club in Watermill on Sunday, August 5th with cocktails and the match beginning at 4 PM. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors such as Cartier and donors who underwrote the event, one hundred percent of the $1,000 ticket price was utilized to fund The Robin Hood organization which helps combat poverty in New York.

Diana DiMenna wearing orange

This event is held at Diana and Joe Dimenna’s estate-a couple whose philanthropic efforts are renowned throughout the world. The DiMenna Children’s History Museum, their generous contributions towards Joe’s alma mater Fairfield University and their support of Harlem’s Children’s Zone are just a few of the charities they immerse themselves in.

Joe DiMenna and Nacho Figueras

Diana spoke passionately about the incredible work of Robin Hood and the necessity for those with the means to give back. She recalled her children running a lemonade stand seven years ago to benefit Robin Hood and Nacho Figueras arriving at the stand to help raise money.  Figueras then suggested to Diana that they hold a Polo event to support the organization, and seven weeks later the first Polo match in the Hamptons took place with over $4 million raised to date. The DiMenna’s and Robin Hood have friends in high places so it is no surprise that in past years Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have participated in this illustrious event.

Nacho Figueras and his wife Delfina Blaquier

In fact, this year’s event was so exclusive it could not be found on the Internet or any Hampton’s calendar. Despite the scorching heat, guests enthusiastically watched Figueras, along with Joe DiMenna, who was on The NetJets Team battle Team Guggenheim. For some reason, Figueras takes home the first-place trophy every year, as the crowd oohs and aahs over his movie star looks. His wife, Delfina, is equally stunning, as she recalled the recent wedding of Meghan and Harry which she and Nacho attended. Her favorite part of the wedding was watching Harry and Meghan converse during the ceremony -seeing a young couple in love excited to build a future together was exhilarating.

Jean Shafiroff and Yaz Hernandez

Since it was Delfina’s first royal wedding, I asked if she was nervous to which she laughed, “we are all mere mortals why would I be nervous.” Delfina, a photographer, and model, met Nacho, who fell in love with her at first sight, at a Polo Match in Argentina and they married in 2004.  Nacho is ranked as one of the top 100 players in the world and he and Delfina, accompanied by their four beautiful children, frequently travel the world.

Tess DiMenna and Sam Bacon

One such trip Nacho and Delfina will be taking is with Prince Harry to Lesotho for Harry’s charity “Sentebale” which supports the mental health and well being of children and young people affected by HIV in Lesotho and Botswana. Harry founded this charity in 2006 and Delfina remarked this was one of Harry’s great passions. Nacho and Delfina embraced tightly throughout the event and appear to have the ideal marriage despite the hordes of women bombarding Figueras. They are also staples of the Hamptons as Nacho has been coming out East for 19 years and keeps 15 of his 300 horses in the Hamptons.

Larry Robbins and Alex Navab

When the match had concluded at 6PM, with Team NetJets winning, the crowd headed to dinner which consisted of barbecue meats and salads. I spotted Larry Robbins, founder of Glenview Capital Management, and chairman of the Robin Hood Foundation, who was hard to miss in a linen turquoise shirt. Robbins runs a 16.5 billion dollar hedge fund and still manages to coach and own a hockey team, spend time with his five children and run the Robbins Family Foundation which supports education reform.  He said that Robin Hood raised about $140 million this past year, its annual budget, through its fundraising efforts.

Ruth Miller and Maria Fishel

The searing hot temperatures of the afternoon had many attendees leaving early. As I exited, I picked up a Cartier goody bag which contained stationery, instead of the diamond bracelet I was hoping for and headed to my uber waiting on top of the winding dirt road. As I began my trek in my sky-high heels, Nacho and his beautiful family drove by in their smashing silver convertible – a memorable conclusion to a thrilling afternoon.

– Lieba Nesis

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