Furry Balls: My Best Dressed at the Oscars

Although award season is now behind us and “The Last Word” has already been written I still can’t forget my favorite look of the evening. No, it wasn’t Gaga or Lupita or any of the other custom and haute couture offerings that took a village of 3,000 seamstresses six years to make. Instead it was unearthed in a mother-in-law’s attic, probably smelling musty and possibly accompanied by rodents (haha, I’m just basing that on my parents attic) although it certainly looked none the worse for it. I would love to know the year and designer of the item in question because it is sooo good; nothing else that I saw even came close.

Confetti caps

This article of apparel was seen on a “non-celeb,” a co-producer of a short documentary film called “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1” and its wearer was Dana Perry. The object of my extreme desire was one that host Neil Patrick Harris joked about due to its furry balls saying: “I love that dress…takes a lot of balls to wear that dress.” The balls were actually giant mink or fox pom poms applied to a cage like unstructured jacket which Ms. Perry wore over a perfectly complementing black low cut gown.  “I got the gown to support the balls” she quipped.

She wasn’t initially aware that NPH had made a joke about her attire until later on however she took it all in stride and added “I invite anyone to feel my furry balls (she said on Twitter) I love it because I can make ridiculous dirty jokes about it” reported the Los Angeles Daily News. Sadly, she had just dedicated the Oscar win to her son who had committed suicide at age 15 however she is clearly someone who has retained her sense of humor and who wore “the happiest outfit of the night” as Los Angeles Magazine dubbed it. Later Twitter exploded with witticisms like “how many furbies did it take to make Dana Perry’s outfit” as well as tribble and gremlin (don’t feed her outfit after midnight) jokes but it didn’t dissuade me from thinking it was an inspired choice.

Maximillian fur stole from Bloomingdales

While I couldn’t find anything quite like Ms. Perry’s wonderful garment, I did realize that giant pom poms are definitely trending and come in quite a few varieties depending on whether you like a little or a lot of furry balls. If you like a lot, then this Maximilian fur stole, available in black or white and on sale at Bloomingdales.com is for you. While I really like the openness of the one that Ms. Perry wore, the clustered pom pom stole could be a great look with a gown or dress and will have the added benefit of keeping the wearer warm. I also found two pairs of pom pom earrings at two different price points, one very inexpensive pair from Etsy and one more expensive pair with gold bars from Tuleste:see more here.

Etsy fur monster bag charms

Of course, Pom Poms are no strangers to hats however some of the newer ways to wear them are from wool felt or leather caps rather than the knit variety. Fendi had done a wool felt cap for around $500 and a brand called Confetti is now making several versions as seen on Kylie Kardashian and others for around $80. Eugenia Kim has a knit cap with two pom poms at Barneys for $235. Also made popular by Fendi is the bag bug monster which retails for upwards of $700 and I’m not even talking about the Karlito (the fur likeness of Karl Lagerfeld) which goes into the four figure stratosphere for a charm that you hang on your bag! Etsy has several “knockoffs” in the $85-$90 price range which are dead ringers for the designer ones.

Aperlai at Avenue32.com

If you want to look down at your feet and see furry pom poms then there are plenty of options whether you want heels, boots or flats. Barneys has a pom pom boot for $625 which should get you through the rest of the winter in style. For great looking heels check out the black with hot pink pom poms or black with black pom poms from Aperlai at Avenue32.com. For other options: click here.
While I don’t advise covering yourself head to toe in pom poms, a few large well placed furry balls can go a long way towards making your look not only eye catching but possibly award winning.

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