Familial Fashion Face-Offs: Beyonce and Solange

It’s a well known fact that sisters often share and share alike; famous siblings and their clothing are no exception. You’ll often see the Kardashian/Jenner girls as well as Momager Kris passing around a designer item of apparel or an accessory sparking not only the inevitable “Who Wore It Best?” but also “Whose Closet Did It Come From?” and “Will It Ever Get Back There?” In some cases of clothing items, the obvious disparity in sizing between the wearers can virtually guarantee that each own the same item in their respective sizes. Such appears to be the case in the duo that I chose to scrutinize today; that of Beyonce and Solange.

I recently wrote during NYFW about emerging designer Charles Harbison and the high profile placement of his dress, coat and handbag on none other than Beyonce as she attended the February 12 Kanye West x Adidas show. The Spring/Summer 2015 Mosaic Blocked Overcoat ($1,750) was part of Queen Bey’s ensemble, albeit on a day more befitting a Fall/Winter fur. Not to be outdone, Solange sported the same coat on Saturday during Paris Fashion Week as she graced the Fall 2015 Vivienne Westwood and Andrew Gn shows. At the risk of running afoul of the “Beygency” I’m declaring Solange the clear winner in Round One. The clean and dramatic lines of the coat are shown beautifully in buttoned up fashion as opposed to Bey casually throwing it over her shoulders, and Solange’s ;primary colored sandals are a nice touch as opposed to Bey’s “tri-hard” red stilettos.

Gucci pantsuit

Interestingly, this was not the first occasion that the Knowles sisters have faced-off in the same outfit albeit at different times however it was the closest in elapsed time. Round Two concerning the case of the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit” involved one very bright fuchsia Gucci ensemble. Solange wore it in June 2014 to a Gucci Beauty Perfume launch and she certainly knocked it out of the sweet-smelling park. Sleek and pencil thin, she accessorized with a green clutch and simple nude sandals. She buttoned the blazer and eschewed a blouse to further streamline the look. Beyonce must have admired little sis’s style and purchased her own neon pink suit. She wore it out on a date-night last December with husband Jay Z however she added a black and white overly busy shell, black pumps as well as her more voluptuous silhouette which IMO broke up the sleekness of the look.

Oscars Vanity Fair after-party

Generally, it seems that when the sisters are together at an event, they take care to keep their attire totally different. One exception was recently when they appeared at the Oscars Vanity Fair after-party in long white dresses with long sleeves. Some publications accused them of “twinning” however the two dresses are really quite different in feeling. While Beyonce rocked a simple but head-turning Stella McCartney gown which showcased her fuller figure, younger sis Solange opted for a more ornate high necked Naeem Khan embellished with crystals which overpowered her slim frame. I’m giving Queen Bey the win here; she looks simply show-stopping and I heard that jaws dropped and iPhone cameras went into overdrive when she entered the room. Solange’s gown, while still gorgeous, seems to overpower her rather than enhance her model-svelte figure. Nice to see that they both hit up Lorraine Schwartz for diamonds and other gems to further sparkle up their looks.

“Throwback Face-Off” at Christmas

If you wonder what it was like for these two growing up, look no further than a Throwback photo which Solange had posted to her Instagram late last year. The two young girls model matching plaid Christmas dresses and there’s no mistaking who’s the bigger mini diva here.

To return to both closet and body imagery; Solange makes the better clothes-hanger; Beyonce the better rack and drawer filler.

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