New York Fashion Cool-Aid™: Gigi Hadid at Anna Sui

(This just in. Rumors are flying that New York fashion week combined shows next season will be held at the 34 Street Post Office. Again, just rumors and unconfirmed.)

Gigi Hadid
Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2015 Collection
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Anna Sui never fails to deliver an unlikely amalgam of inspirations, some of them more successful than others.  Her Spring/Summer 2015, as you may remember was the Cosmic Rockstar which I reviewed and felt was too literal in its ’70s reverence. Fall/Winter 2015 which was shown yesterday at the tents in Lincoln Center features what I’ve dubbed the Sexy Viking and was quintessential Anna at her best. While also embracing ’60s and ’70s retro and boho chic as Sui is known for, it seemed a far worthier collection and made me really happy as NYFW draws to a close. I absolutely loved its folkloric and tribal beauty, particularly the outerwear and vests in fur and faux fur.

Gigi Hadid walking in Jeremy Scott show earlier in the day

Gigi Hadid, one of the new crop of celeb-spawn models (her parents are Palestinian real estate developer Mohamed Hadid and former Dutch model Yolanda Foster who is now married to David Foster and a regular on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”) opened the show in a print dress and a Nutmeg color block Mongolian lamb vest which set the tone. The folkloric hit parade was strong with dizzying arrays of Sui’s favored colors of blues, greens, purples, nutmeg, black and ivory with silver sequin detail to finish the show. Accessories were a perfect complement and included long chunky beaded necklaces from Erickson Beamon and some of the best furry boots ever, in a collaboration with Technica Moon Boot. It wouldn’t be so bad to be a nomad if you were shod this warmly and fashionably! Sui even went so far as to feature a few Viking hats and some strange tribal dotted face markings on others of her models of international ethnicity that appeared in the shape of a V on a few foreheads.

Avocado color block Mongolian Lamb Coat, Jacquard dress

Of the 50 looks my favorite would have to be the aforementioned outerwear including various curly lamb coats done in color blocked hues of teal blues and green, all of the patchwork vests and coats, some in mink and some in faux fur and the ivory kid & curly lamb coat. I really appreciate a fall/winter collection that features some great cold weather selections because let’s face it, that’s what people see you in the most and we all need great options in coats otherwise the winter will feel like it’s dragging on forever…kind of like the way it is right about now. LOL

Speaking of Ms. Hadid, as I waited in the press line for the next show following Anna Sui, I noticed a cameraman looking at his photos from the Anna Sui show.  He had some spectacular shots of Hadid, magazine cover ready with no retouching (although I confess I had forgotten my glasses but that’s how they appeared from a distance). He showed one shot to a compatriot female photographer who said “She’s pretty.” “No, she’s GORGEOUS.” he retorted. I wonder what he would have thought had he seen her earlier in the day when she walked in the Jeremy Scott show like a Harajuku girl. Apparently, it drew a smirk from Kanye so I assume we will not be seeing Kim walking around in fuchsia eyeshadow with a two tone wig anytime soon.

– Laurel Marcus

Better Bets

Fashion 2.0
When the words fashion and technology are mentioned in the same breath, many people think of wearables, but the marriage of fashion and technology encompasses more than smart watches and fitness wristbands, as was in evidence at New York Fashion Week.

Epson Digital Couture

Digital couture designers

At Industria Superstudios on February 10th, Epson showcased the work of 11 emerging designers whose fashionable looks were created using new digital fabric printing and pattern making technology from Epson’s SureColor F-Series printers.  The designers featured at Epson’s Digital Couture Project included Pilar Briceño of Columbia, Dual of Costa Rica, Ay Not Dead of Argentina, Moah Saldaña of Peru, Marco Antonio Farías of Chile, Ma. Elisa Guillén of Ecuador, Pineda Covalin of Mexico, ESOSA of the US East Coast, Mariana Morrell of Brazil, Leonor Silva of the Caribbean (Venezuela/Miami) and Maggie Barry of California.

Digital couture gown

The participating designers in the event are early adopters of Epson’s digital sublimation printing techniques.  Their SureColorF-Series printers provide an affordable means for each of the designers to explore their unique styles, producing their original designs in a more efficient, cost effective manner, while still achieving the highest quality. The resulting dye sublimation prints have rich vivid colors with intense blacks and smooth gradations onto fabric.

For more information on Epson SureColor F-Series Printers go to:


Katlean DeMonchy with Anthony Ryan Auld

On February 12th, members of the fashion press boarded New York Fashion Week’s first ever Mobile Lounge bus for an informative ride through New York City. The FashionXtech Lounge experience was produced by Nextpert Katlean DeMonchy, who provided riders with “ an interactive adventure” giving digital presentations of some of the hottest products in the fashion/ tech market, using the plasma screens on board The Ride, the luxury Manhattan tour bus.

Brother 2015 Dream Machine

Brother, the exclusive sewing and embroidery licensee of Project Runway, was the presenting sponsor for the event. DeMonchy introduced participants to the Brother 2015 Dream Machine, which has a 10 inch HD LCD screen and a built in design center and features an “Innov-Eye” that can scan what you are trying to sew and show you how to sew or embroider it on the screen. Other companies whose fashionable products were showcased at the event included OKU, Phorus, myCharge. Narrative Clip, Velodyne and LG.

At the end of the day, guests on board the FashionXtech Lounge were taken to the Tender Lounge for a closing party with VIP guest Anthony Ryan Auld, the winner of Project Runway All Stars II and Dean Shulman, Senior Vice President of Brother.

– Rhonda Erb
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