Holiday’s Hangover at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes


Julianne Moore
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For those of you who are still snoozing off your post-holiday coma it’s time to wake up. Welcome to award season 2015! It was just before the 3rd Annual Hollywood T & A show (that stands for Tina and Amy although their roles were seemingly limited), AKA the 72nd Annual Golden Globes when I decided that, for many attendees, dressing for the once again soggy red carpet must be much harder than picking a plum role. I especially thought this after watching Ryan Seacrest in the E! preshow interviewing Julianne Moore. The amazing redhead, clad in high-necked shimmery silver topped/feather bottomed custom Givenchy Couture; and mere hours from her Best Actress win for “Still Alice,” remarked that the “fashion game has changed in the last ten years. We have access to things we didn’t have access to before.”

Riccardo Tisci and Kanye

Assuming that means, what I think it does; Riccardo Tisci, (and others of his ilk) when he’s not busy designing for Kanye and Kim, will actually do something for an awards show nominee, then I guess she’s right. Although some critics called her gown over designed, I was more bothered by the reflection of the silver paillettes on her face as she accepted her award later in the evening. I still don’t understand exactly what gives in Hollyweird and why there are so many stylists/designers and so few interesting options for the red carpet. Is there some sort of fashion fog that pervades the left coast from seeing clearly? Or is it the Marijuana haze? Ha!

Dakota Johnson

Maybe its that they still have tinsel and candy canes on their minds and on their backs. It certainly seemed that the holidays were not quite over as the main colors of the evening were silver (platinum if you must), red and white. Along with Ms. Moore, also firmly in the silver camp were Uzo Adobo, Dakota Johnson (it’s one of the Fifty Shades of Gray, I suppose), a caped J. Lo with her “globes”, (thanks Jeremy Renner for commenting),  Reese Witherspoon going not so “Wild” in Calvin Klein and Emma Stone’s jumpsuit featuring a silver sequined top (black butt bow not included). White cutouts with a Grecian nod were a thing as Versace’d Kate Hudson,  Vera Wang-ed Rosamund Pike and a Michael Kors-ed Emily Blunt all wore them. Brits Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller donned embellished white gowns; Knightly’s Chanel was clearly no “Imitation” and took “30 people a week to make it” and its embellished butterflies while Ms. Miller’s was plunging Miu Miu; no word on its labor intensive timespan.

Allison Williams

Seeing red were Allison Williams in an extremely Christmas-y Armani Prive (I could see her as an ornament hanging from a fir tree), as well as a strangely old looking Taylor Schilling (the severe pulled back hair can be aging). In a stiff crumb-catchered, matronly and ankle grazing frock was Juliana Margulies also with bad hair. Nancy Carrell (Steve’s wife) looked great and noted that Carolina Herrera had personally created and delivered (“She dropped it off this morning, herself”) her gown. Successfully crimson hued were Jane Fonda (how does she do that at 77?), Helen Mirren in embellished Dolce & Gabbana accessorized with a Charlie Hebdo tribute pen  and Heidi Klum, considerably younger but also looking spectacular; as the legends that they all are.

Claire Danes

Those who bucked the trend and wore other colors included a victorious Amy Adams in periwinkle with a Versace a Tiffany & Co. diamond brooch near her posterior, Katherine Heigl in a dangerously low scoop necked dark blue Zac Posen ( she alluded to considering another even more plunging Posen before deciding it was too “cleavagy”), Felicity Jones in a teal “MOTB” gown (please get this girl a good stylist ASAP!), and Claire Danes in unusually disastrous Valentino peahen (read mousier than peacock) feathers (I just don’t get this one at all)! One of my favorite Versace-clad ladies (there were six) was Jessica Chastain in a bronze-y metallic haltered and pleated “Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate”-esque number. In sunny yellow were Naomi Watts (Gucci strapless with Bulgari diamond serpentine necklace) as well as Jenna Dewan Tatum in a paler lemonade hued strapless, stiff looking, and overly long gown that appeared uncomfortable and unwieldy.

Amal forces a smile

You can’t have a black tie event without some black gowns gracing it and the best were Jennifer Aniston’s sequined bodice and “Jolie-slit” skirt, Amal Clooney, who in strapless Dior with a shoulder train also wore her best McKayla Maroney “Not Impressed” expression (apparently nonplussed by her husband’s “day job”) along with her own white gloves (no manicure necessary, she’s a very busy woman ha) and white clutch adorned with “Je Suis Charlie” button. Interestingly, hubby George who received the DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, refused to do a shot of his own brand of tequila with Guiliana Rancic in the E! preshow. Amal looked on a touch disdainfully…not everyone can be a human rights lawyer, hon. Others who went to the dark side include “Winfrey” looking good in a crystal embellished neckline, Lorde in a crop top and custom Narciso tuxedo (say “Narciso tuxedo” three times fast), sparkly bib necklace and tamed straight hair indicating that she’s growing up and “Jane The Virgin” winner Gina Rodriguez in strapless, fishtailed, sheer skirted detailed Badgley Mischka. I know that Vanessa Friedman disparages the classic default of the strapless fishtail but IMO, don’t fix what’s not broken. (See article)

Lupita Nyong’O

My favorites of the night:  Lupita Nyong’O still has it all sewn up in Giambattista Valli, which some said was not appropriate for an evening of this caliber but I’m a huge fan, as well as Miss Golden Globe Greer Grammer far from “Awkward” in fairy-tale pink/gold embroidered Lorena Sarbu.  This was giving me a “Cinderella” vibe and I actually can’t wait to see the movie, mostly for the fashion, when it comes out in March. Speaking of upcoming movies: Nyong’O was mum on any upcoming Star Wars deets yet dished about her dress adding that this year she was having “lots of fun. The pressure’s off” after last year’s constant need to outdo herself as a nominee and winner. I noticed that she matched her purple eyeshadow to her purple flowered dress which I thought was a no-no. Last year when she wore green to the Met gala her makeup artist called to everyone’s attention the fact that she was not wearing emerald or moss hued shadow to reflect her gown but instead went with violet. Let’s face it: there’s no hard and fast rule. Maybe she just prefers an aubergine eye?

Kerri Washington

Worst get-ups: Kerry Washington’s brocade two tone Mary Katrantzou (I appreciate the effort to be different but something got lost in translation), Maggie Gyllenhaal was a Globes winner but her Miu Miu was a loser (I’ve seen better dressed bridesmaids and don’t even get me started on the “dyed to match but still a shade off” shoes), and even Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had a few missteps. Tina’s opening Antonio Berardi gown (called a “jeweled apron” by the Huff Po)as well as Amy Poehler’s royal blue Stella McCartney elastic waist maternity-looking choice brought an inauspicious start to the night and had me wondering if the audience was supposed to be laughing at or with them. (Thanks to Steve Martin we know that “comedy is not pretty.”) Luckily they later redeemed themselves, not only with Bill Cosby and North Korea jokes (maybe Margaret Cho can host as a North Korean dictator next year) but sartorially as well. Although Amy had promised “Fifty costume changes and like, ten emotional changes” in her pre-show interview; perhaps that was a bit overarching.

By the end of the show they had indeed gotten it right as Tina’s “undone” tuxedo bow tie/shirt and Amy’s navy butterfly gown brought their three-year reign as Globes Girls and hostesses with the mostesses(?) to a close. As Meryl Streep said “What are we going to do without Amy and Tina?’  Tune in next year to find out.

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