Jason Wu’s ‘Olive Garden’ 

Olive green never looked as chic as it did at Jason Wu’s well edited, urban, and sophisticated fall 2015 runway show held on Friday afternoon at Spring Studios. His use of dyed olive green fox and mink (coats, vests, stoles), as well as crocodile (and a stamped leather that resembled crocodile), to add texture to double face cashmere, silk and wool, was very effective, as was his embrace of a monotone look (there was nary one print). For the record, there was also black, white, camel, gray, and a hit of red throughout.

His footwear of choice was black leather ankle boots (with a sculptural thin gold heel), black leather t straps and simple black leather high heeled pumps. Bare legs and bare arms, confirmed that the collection was not so much about being prepared for the bitter cold (“Polar Vortex? What, me worry?”), as about functional, somewhat seasonless pieces perfect for a busy world traveler on the go. As usual, he played soft against hard, masculine against feminine, and the clothes enveloped the body, rather than constrict it.

The silhouette, (streamlined and slightly elongated), was proof that even the most subtle shift in proportion can make a big impact (in the end, fashion is all about proportion). It was supremely modern in that it was dressed up but not overdressed, and he mixed day and evening on the runway, as if to deemphasize the latter, ending with a belted fur coat, rather than an evening dress. His suggestions for evening this season (a bit sporty and sometimes as simplified as a simple t shirt) include elongated beaded t shirt dresses and wool jumpsuits. Let’s put it this way, there was nothing that ‘screamed’ Red Carpet in that traditional, overdone kind of way.

 2015 Grammys Iggy Azalea and her double

And speaking of red carpets, right after the Golden Globes, I wrote a blog about Tricia Messeroux’s company ToddleWood (www.toddlewood.com). I am a huge fan of this New York based photographer. As I had previously mentioned, she uses toddlers between the ages of three and six, and with the help of her team of costume designers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, she convincingly transforms everyday kids into iconic figures, historic legends, and superstar celebrities. I always look forward to seeing how she will interpret the high profile red carpets, and she once again nailed it  following on the heels of last Sunday’s Grammy Awards. My favorites: Kimye, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Arianna Grande.

– Marilyn Kirschner

The Daily Bet

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– Rhonda Erb

Rhonda Erb

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