Day 1 — In The Tents by the Numbers

7- number of shows I saw (BCBGMaxAzria, Richard Chai, Supima Design Competition, Tadashi Shoji, Desigual, Tome, Marissa Webb)

6--number of shows which I stayed awake during (sorry Mr. Shoji)

6— number of “fashion icons” I spotted (Mary Alice Stephenson, Stan Herman, Joanna Coles, Leandra Medine, Olivia Palermo, and Christian Siriano who ran through the lobby with two female assistants which puzzled me since he’s showing elsewhere.  Perhaps a Project Runway connection?)

5— number of shows which I stood for the “filing in” (usually about 20-25 minutes) as well as the actual show (less than 15 minutes)

5— number of times I was happy I hadn’t worn high heels

4-number of times the models walked to the whining, oops, make that the singing of Lana Del Rey

3– number of “boob windows” (actually more like “boob doorways”) I spied at BCBG.  Kim Kardashian’s unending contribution to fashion has hit the “bridge and tunnel” crowd hard.  I also saw quite a few rear “windowpanes” ie four cutout boxes on the back of a top and a few sheer striped pants (mostly on those old enough to know better).

2— number of furs spied on an 87 degree day…one actual fur chubby vest, one  faux.

2— number of great trench coats on the runway (one amazing green one at Richard Chai on a redhead natch!, one blue-gray rumpled one at Marissa Webb)

2— number of times I spotted Ken Downing (BCBG and Marissa Webb)

2— number of times I spotted Coco Rocha (she was the host of the Supima Awards and was at Marissa Webb)

2— number of Jonas Brothers spotted at Richard Chai (Nick and Joe)

1–number of designers/brand ambassadors compared to J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons (That would be Marissa Webb with Banana Republic who also got her start at Crew).

1–number of shows which didn’t include any “women of color”  (Shame on you Max Azria)

1–number of shows opened by a Victoria’s Secret supermodel on the catwalk (Adriana Lima at Desigual)

1–number of nip slips (at Tome involving a brown silk “Kardashian West-type”  blouse) If you saw the clip of Kim being presented with the “GQ Woman of the Year Award,” you’ll know that the “West” must be included.

1— number of truly creepy moments (when I spotted Kimora Lee Simmons and two others on the E! Fashion Week set at the tents and nearly walked into the E! cameraman’s lens.  He told me to say “Hi E!” but what I wanted to, yet didn’t ask, was if they had any updates on Joan Rivers.

1— number of ” pit of the stomach dropping” moments when I found out she was gone. Here is a video that E! made about Joan’s life.  Of course, without Joan asking “Who are you wearing?” we might not have had red carpet coverage as it is today.  Also, how could be possibly live without her famous “Bitch Stole My Look” segment on Fashion Police and the word “Fash-hoe” which she coined.  Can’t imagine that they’ll still do the show without its star as everyone else was just a foil to Joan’s comedy and fast wit.

Number One best thing I saw all day:  an extremely pregnant young woman at the tent cafe, rocking red high heeled booties and a tote bag slung prominently over one shoulder.  The bag featured large red block letters stating “It’s identical twins. Boys due on 9/30”    About to double pop, wearing heels and attending NY Fashion Week with a sense of humor.  That’s one fearless woman no matter who’s doing the counting.  I bet Joan would have approved.

Laurel Marcus

OG journo major who thought Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style" was a fashion guide. Desktop comedienne -- the world of fashion gives me no shortage of material.

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