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Sixty years ago, the house of Cardin was founded and a legend was born. At eighty-eight years old, Pierre Cardin is a living legend who still has a lot of creativity to unleash and still has something to say about fashion. Friday night, Cardin let his voice be heard at the showing of his Spring 2011 collection at Milk Studios. Racking up about two hundred outfits, the word collection may be a gross understatement. The show and the music were a bit slow paced for that kind of volume which resulted in a forty minute runway presentation.

(Photo: Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

“I wanted to do something different,” Cardin said. Well, he did and he always has. That’s what makes him so unique. He has always pushed the envelope in terms of design by disregarding the practical and conventional. This collection stayed the course crossing the boundaries of “normal” or “standard.”

(Photo: Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

The show seemed to progress chronologically through the decades, but it jumped around a bit so just when it felt like a pattern had been established, an unexpected transition happened (like the modern day Marie Antoinette oval-shaped hoop skirts). One look that was repeated throughout the show was the “Barbarella” unisex unitards modeled side by side on a male and a female.

(Photo: Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

A student of architecture before he found his place in fashion, Cardin’s love for geometry remained intact and the circle shape took center stage. Grommets poked holes in boys’ and girls’ chests, layered hoops created funnel shaped shift dresses, angled ruffles ran like Jupiter’s rings around the body.

(Photo: Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

Some dresses were draped and cut in a way that created an orblike shape. Cardin used color brilliantly. His palette ranged from shocking pink, intense teal and slicker yellow to muted midtones and neutrals. Somehow, it all worked.

Backstage clothes on rack (Photo: Randy Brooke for Lookonline.com)

Overall, the show was a fun, colorful and avant-garde mix of shapes and fabrics. In other words, it was very Cardin. When it came to accessories, Cardin did not disappoint. Each hat, handbag, sunglass and necklace was more interesting than the next. Bags came in all shapes, but usually jumbo size while sunglasses were sleek and robotic. The millinery was so magnificent that even the “plunger” cap looked adorable.

Stacy Lomman with Mr. Cardin at the reception

Afterward, Mr. Cardin posed for some photos and made an appearance downstairs at the cocktail reception. He looked energized and happy, but perhaps a bit nervous. “What are they saying?” he asked. Only good things.

-Stacy Lomman



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  1. What a nice piece!

    It all looks like beautiful work. I loved the dresses especially.

    I'm so glad to know he's working away, contributing to the world of fashion.

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